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Today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite strong girls in middle grade fiction, with both classic female characters, like Ramona Quimby and Julie of the Wolvesto newer voices like Emma Sugar momma story in the Greystone Secrets series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This group of eclectic female characters can inspire all .

Super Strong Girl Stories

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Welcome to the index of stories written by other authors. All the stories which have been sent to me by other writers are listed below, sorted by the strength of the characters. Morphenomenal, by Mac A woman undergoes a revolutionary experiment that makes her thousands of times stronger. I really wish Mac would do a sequel to this story, because it's got huge potential. Supergirl, by Morphinman A short story about a woman in training for her role in an Bdsm breeding stories Supergirl film.

Supergirl Part 2, by Morphinman Cindy continues to train for her Supergirl role.

A Gift From A Very Super Girl, by two anonymous authors A clever story that jumps back Family nudity story two between the man's and the supergirl's point-of-view. Massive Potential, Part One, by Scoundrel Jessica yearns to be superhumanly strong, and when she discovers a mysterious gym, her wish is more than fullfilled. Massive Potential, Part Two, by Scoundrel Jessica utterly devastates a strip t with her new-found strength. Massive Potential, Part Four, by Scoundrel Jessica explores her powerful new body, as the Repo Men ascend from the otherworld to reclaim her power.

He's eager to get some feedback, so why not drop him a line at anterion gmx. Mind and Body, by Anterion Cammy of Streetfighter fame is subjected to a strength-enhancing experiment. Mind and Body II, by Anterion Cammy begins to explore the limits of her body in the aftermath of the experiment. Secrets Revealed, Part One, Wife dog sex story Kent The girls show the boys their incredible strength and a bit more.

Saturday, by Kent Shannon meets Billy Jo and the two tangle. BPA Penelope's got the Incest feet stories of more than ten thousand men. Warning: Quite gory. Penelope's Monster Butt, by Mr. BPA Penelope's butt is far stronger than a mere ten thousand men. Super strong girl stories Cars by Mr. A powerful girl needs powerful cars.

Penelope - Monster of the Midway by Mr. You don't want to piss Penelope off. Contains illustrations. Warning: Contains gore. Penelope - Bad Mood by Mr. You really don't want to piss off Penelope. Suanne - Daddy spanking daughter stories of a Supergirl, Chapter 1, by Moxie Some people aspire to greatness, others can't help but achieve it.

This story contains illustrations. Suanne - Birth of a Supergirl, Femdom ponyboy stories 2, by Moxie Suanne goes all-out to increase her already formidable powers. Suanne, Birth of a Supergirl, Chapter 5 by Moxie. Suanne at Incest footjob stories Suanne: Birth of a Supergirl, Chapter 6 by Moxie. It is now 2 more years later, and Suanne is now 15 and a heck of a lot stronger.

Tara The Assasin, by David E Tara loves her job, particularly when it involves peeling open a limo like it's a sardine can. An alien criminal called Khali crashlands on Earth and easily causes havoc with her awesome strength. Nothing wrong with that, you might say, until you realise that each of them is hundreds of thousands of times stronger Butt plug spanking stories any Terran male.

1,x strength

Tara and Natalie by David E. Tara and Natalie team up. Stephanie, Kathy andrews erotic stories 1 by reulmcoy aol. Meet Stephanie. Stephanie, part 2 by reulmcoy aol. Stephanie starts to reveal the magnitude of her strength. Stephanie, part 3 by reulmcoy aol.


Stephanie's awesome strength becomes increasingly apparent. Marion's Anger, by L. King Marion vents her frustration on a nearby car. No Holding Back, Futa mom story L. King The title says it all.

Government Warning, by L. King This lady comes with a bonafide Government warning. Five Go Mad! King A series of stories where girl power overcomes man-made machine. Aurora, Chapter 10 by Sharon Best. A powerful story set in the Aurora Universe. Abducted by Sharon Best. A kidnapped woman discovers a secret about herself. Super Strength Cancun sex stories Sharon Best. Karen demonstrates the power of her Velorian heritage. Darlene by Terry R. Darlene reveals her true identity.

Val by Morphinman. Val becomes incredibly strong. Gina defends her man. The Memory Remains by Anterion.

Bianca gets high on her strength. Ultrafemme by Anterion.

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Dr Julia Brooks invents a super-serum. Priss, Chapter One by Anterion. Priss falls into a coma. Priss, Chapter Two by Anterion.

Priss tries to start a new life. Priss, Chapter Three by Anterion. Priss grows more powerful. Priss, Chapter 4, Rock Me by Anterion. Priss Predicament bondage stories defends herself.

Maureen Easson comes to Earth. Mighty Maid, Chapter 2 by an anonymous author. Mighty Maid gets physical. Warning: Contains gore Cuckold training stories Final Fantasy by atomicboy. Shawndra and Laura completely dominate Arden. Heidi introduces herself to the world.

Heidi unwinds in the Caribean. Heidi makes a perfect stuntwoman. The supergirl easily defeats the entire 'Libyaqi' navy single-handed. Even a supergirl can't be everywhere at once. A by Sparty. Scientists push Heidi too far. The supergirl casually overpowers evil alien invaders. Warning: Contains gore Vanessa is fed up with Queen's continuous bullying. Vanessa experiments in the lab. Boating sex stories tests her strength. Vanessa revels in her power. Introductions by Executioner.