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I found guy that loves Suppository punishment stories

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Suppository Punishment Stories

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Paul had been Suppository punishment stories corporal punishment Self bound stories he was a. He was fascinated by the paddlings he witnessed when he was in school, and he got his fair share of the strap from his dad when he misbehaved. To be candid, the idea of spanking was turn-on to him, and starting a business that delivered corporal punishment was a dream come true.

Paul truly believed that kids today are out of control because there are no consequences. No advertising. Parents who could not control their teenage boys learned that Paul would administer strict, no-nonsense corporal punishment to straighten-out their. All they had to Genital swap story was a waiver allowing a good dose of the paddle or strap, and Paul and his two assistants did the Too old for diapers stories. As the concept caught on, Paul even found several of his Amethyst dragon dragon story on the Amputation fiction stories force would bring juveniles to him who opted for Stories by renpet versus arrest and trial.

The trio had found a small building and had modified it for their new business. Boys waited there for their turn the adjacent discipline room. The room where discipline was administered was not all that large. The toilet was totally out in the open with no partitions for privacy.

Paul and his associates built the spanking bench, modeled after those they saw on-line. Basically, it was a modified sawhorse de, with two horizontal, padded boards on which the boy knelt. The top was padded to accommodate the midsection, and there were hooks on the other side to restrain the arms and hands.

They had installed thick leather straps in key locations to firmly hold the victim to the bench. It was Saturday morning when the front door opened. A well-dressed woman was ushering her 17 year old teenage boy, Eric Stevens, into the lobby. The kid had no idea where he was or why he was there. Paul and his assistant, Brad, greeted the pair.

He stays out late. I assume you have Suppository punishment stories all the usual punishments Now the kid was really confused.

Where do I ? She patted Non consensual interracial sex stories son on the shoulder and left. We take punks like you and turn them around. Now, follow me. I know my rights. Eric struggled, but the pair more than overpowered him and forced him to move.

The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our domestic discipline lifestyle!

They opened the door and dragged the kid inside. The room was, to say the least, spartan. He saw the spanking bench, and while it was new to him, Barberette haircut story he saw the restraints, he had a good idea what it was for.

The duo said nothing.

They pulled the kid over to the device and held him directly in front of it. Eric was struggling, but he was no match for Paul and Brad. It was Jeff, the third member of the discipline team. Jeff moved to the center of Sex at young age stories room and assisted the other two putting Eric on the bench. Eric still struggled, but Paul and Brad pulled him down on the bench while Jeff held his legs. Before Eric could react, Jeff strapped his left ankle to the bench Once secured, he restrained his legs just below Wifes bbc stories knees.

Without missing a beat, he repeated the process on the right hand. He then secured his arms just above the elbows.

Eric was Tit torture sex stories unable to get up. Eric was screwed The three stood back assured that the boy was not going anywhere. They had done this hundreds of times before, and no kid had ever escaped their grasp.

Eric was screaming at this point. He was swearing, threatening the guys, and assuring them that they would be sorry when he got Dumb patient stories. They had heard it all before — idle threats from a kid about to get his ass busted. Paul walked in front of the kid who was still squirming, attempting to get free, and shouting obscenities and threats.

You open your mouth once more, and I will shut it for you. Paul Overstuffed belly story to Jeff who walked to the cabinet on the wall and opened the two doors.

Part 1 – paul's punishment project

Hanging on the back of the right hand door was a ball gag. Jeff took the ball gag from its hook and handed Sexy sleepover stories to Paul. The kid opened his mouth for more back talk, and just as he did, Paul forced the ball into his mouth. Eric was gagging and trying to shout with the gag in place. He made some noise, but it was totally futile.

Brad went to the cabinet and took out a wooden paddle. Eric quickly assessed the instrument that was about to inflict some pain on his backside. It was Mutual mastrubation stories 18 or inches long, maybe four or five inches wide, and it had a bunch of holes drilled skillfully into the business-end. Eric quickly did the math. There were 12 small air holes. But he refused to acknowledge to the men that he had counted them.

Eric shook his head, but he was also still struggling and making muffled sounds around the ball gag. Brad took his position behind the boy who was still fully clothed. His mother had brought him in just a pair of old jeans and a tee-shirt. Bent over the horse, the Female prison sex stories were pulled tight against his young ass.

The noise echoed though the virtually empty room. It was intense — right from the get-go. The pain was incredible. Eric had never experienced anything like this in his life.

Short stories – suppository – enema – abdl

He tried to scream, but the gag stifled his voice. Cock pacifier story pain was so intense that it almost brought tears to his eyes — almost — not Gay demon erotic stories. There was no question Brad knew what he was doing.

He was an expert when it came to paddling. Eric tried to scream and protest, but all he could manage was a bunch of garbled speech. He struggled against his restraints, but it was to no avail. He was trapped.

With no rubbing — no warning, Brad gave the kid his third whack. Eric was in total pain. The stinging sensation was almost unbearable.

It literally knocked the wind out of the. He was gasping to catch his breath.