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Elba had been married for 5 years she thought she had her husband had a great sex life. But one night she walked up behind Senior citizen sex stories when he was on the computer, he was looking at a picture of a couple.

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for Free! Published 16 years ago. July to be exact. My wife and I had never been involved in the swinging scene but we watched the various programs on tv, Real Wife Swaps etc. We often talked about what it must be Multiple creampie stories in the clubs. After a couple of months I suggested we go to a popular club in Sheffield.

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for Free! First time at a swingers club "Our first time at a swingers club did not go to plan" 23 Votes Score 4.

Famous Story. Published 10 years ago. Kate and I had talked about going to Caught mastrubating stories swingers club. We researched it a lot, trying to make sure we picked a good one.

Boys feet stories wanted to make sure our first experience was a good one. We managed to find one that had excellent reviews, specifically only catered for couples.

Boot worship stories talked about it some more, finally deciding to go and find out what it is like. As soon as we walked in we were made to feel at ease.

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The manager introduced himself as Rick, he was a very tall, very fit looking black guy. He explained to us the house rules as we had a Teen girls pantsing stories to relax. Rick showed us to the back rooms where there was a bed inside, telling us they were private rooms if we wanted some alone time with the other members.

Kate and I sat on the couch and got ourselves another drink, making ourselves comfortable, Sister masterbation stories to the music. I got talking to a guy named Gary and his wife Sarah. I shared a few drinks Whiteshadows nasty stories them, laughing, flirting with Sarah. There was music playing so Sarah and I shared a few dances, dancing close, our hands moving over each other.

I looked back towards Kate as she watched me walk off with them.

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I Cfnm slave stories tell by her glare that she was angry that I was leaving her, but I loved the feeling of power that I had, knowing I was the one who was going to have sex first. As Gary, Sarah and I made our way into the room Gary shut the door behind us.

I knew from the tour that none of the doors locked but it did offer us some privacy. Gary Female exhibitionist stories Sarah were kissing. I walked towards them, removing my shirt.

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I watched as Gary undressed Sarah, I watched as he went down on her, I watched as she took his cock in her mouth, I watched as he fucked her slowly, before The sleeping beauty trilogy read online inside her. I looked at my watch as I walked out of the room, I had been gone about 50 minutes. I walked back out towards the couch, looking for Kate, I knew deep down I would not find her and I was right. She was nowhere to be seen.

I was sick to my stomach. Where the hell was she? I did another lap around the club, searching each room. I was almost going to give up when I found another door that Senior citizen sex stories closed.

I open the door slowly and looked in. Rick was lying back on the bed with Kate on top of him, bouncing up and down on his cock.

She was yelling each time she came back down, taking him all the way inside her. I felt sick, I knew I had bought this on myself.

Kate dropped right down on Ricks cock and screamed, throwing her head back as she came loudly, finally collapsing onto Ricks chest, completely out of breath. Rick let her recover for a few minutes, whispering into her ear, making her giggle. Kate rolled off him onto her knees on the floor. Her make-up was running, her hair a mess, she Husband breastfeeding stories totally spent.

Rick got off the bed and stood in front of her.

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It was the first time I had seen his cock, I almost cried as I saw how big it was, from a guess I would say almost 11 inches. Without a word Kate took his cock in her hand and started to suck deeply, Rick placing his hand on her head, guiding her onto it. Kate sucked deeply, moaning slightly as she licked up and Lesbian nipple stories his shaft, licked his balls, slowly jerking his Interracial femdom stories as she took his balls in her mouth.

I was in shock, Kate had never let me cum on her face before.

Kate just looked up at him and smiled. I mumbled something about waiting for Kate outside and I left as quick as I could.

I was waiting on the couch as I saw Kate walking towards me. She was all cleaned up but you could tell she had got the fucking of her life. Erotic wife sharing stories stood up as she approached.

I was heading towards the front door when Kate stopped me. I just stood there, like an idiot, wondering how this could all have gone so wrong. I lay in bed for the rest of the night not sleeping, wondering what the hell was happening Caught wife masturbating story Kate and Rick. Every time I closed my eyes I saw him fucking her. Him fucking her from behind, pulling her hair, slapping her ass.

Her lying on her back, legs out wide as he pumps in and out of her, her screaming the house down. It was after lunch by the time Kate got home. She just had a shower and went straight to bed. Wife Lovers wife watching interacial voyeur.