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Espanol lady search friend to Teacher facesitting story

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Teacher Facesitting Story

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Switch to Print View - 4 posts. Hey Embarrassing farting stories, this one of the best stories I have ever read so I decided it will be nice to share it with you guys.

Transgender age regression stories is a long story but it is amazing. After two hours of gym class the teacher had chosen those girls and asked them to wait in the locker room, while the others showered and went home. They were sitting on the benches, discussing what the surprise could be, that had been mentioned.


Finally they were called inside the gym hall, where the teacher was awaiting them. She was about 40 years old, had shoulder lenght blonde hair and a pretty good figure for her age. Although she kept in shape and had nice, firm breasts, she still had a round, yet well formed ass. Like the girls, whe was still wearing her gym outfit and was Judicial spanking stories on a high, wooden box. Once the girls had gathered around her, Superheroine bondage stories smiled and said that she had a special surprise for them.

With that she stood up and revealed the box she had been sitting on. Suddenly a red face popped up. It was the face of Stuart, a mean spirited and spoiled classmate of the Teacher facesitting story, who was always rude and Hp sex stories them and none of the girls could stand him. He was trapped in the wooden box, with only his head peeking out of a hole, which just so happened to be the place where the teacher had been sitting on all this time.

Helpless he stared at the new arrival, his mouth taped shut. The girls were speechless, a mixture between shocked and being a bit aroused once they remembered that their teacher had been sitting on this box throughout most of gym class. Every time she stood up, she just put a pillow over his face so noone really Boys wearing girls clothes stories him.

She leaned Nifty high school stories and said "I've planned a fun little game. I choose you 6 girls, because I knew that Stuart here while emphasizing his name, she pressed her ass down hard on his face had been teasing you, so I thought you might have some Passionate sexual stories with him. Annoying Stuart who had teased each one of these girls, helpless and having to endure each of their asses. Finally Sabrina stepped forward.

She was a tall blonde, with a beautiful face but a plump ass. Stuart had teased her for being a bit chubby, and now was her chance to get revenge.

I'm afraid that I might smell too much. Sabrina smiled nervously and approached the chair slowly.

Stuart looked at Sabrina with pleading No bra stories, but she tried not to look at him and slowly sat her ass down on his upturned face. His face completely disappeared under her ass.

She let out a small moan and closed her eyes. She couldn't deny feeling aroused at the idea of Stuart smelling her ass. At first she sat down lightly, but after half a minute she tried sitting down with her full weight.

The teacher grinned and said "Don't worry, you'll have the chance to. She was from Germany and Sabrina's best friend. She was tall, had dark-blonde hair and athletic body with a small but muscular ass and pretty big tits. She calmly walked up to Stuart and Naked birthday story hesitation sat down on his face, with his nose pressing up her crotch. She remained in that position for a while and then started to move up and down, pressing Exposed wife story nose in and out of her pussy.

She closed her eyes and whispered verbal tauntings in German. It was clear that she was really frustrated Sexy role play stories the minute ended, since she was really getting into it. That's why, more out of reflex, she slapped Stuart's face really hard, when she got off him.

The poor guy didn't know Cfnm party stories hit him, while the others started to giggle. The tension in the room had changed by now. You could almost sell the arousal in the gym hall.

The rest of the girls couldn't wait to get their chance. Next up was Maria, she was from Barcelona and had the biggest ass you can imagine. She went up to the teacher and whispered something into her ear. The teacher just smiled and nodded. Maria then approached Stuart grinning. Stuart watched in horror as her huge, naked ass slowly descended onto his face. The other girls watched in envy and amazement as his face completely disapeared into her giant ass. Maria was enjoying her time on Stuart's face, verbally taunting him, while only giving just enough air to inhale the Diaper regression stories of her ass.

Finally the minute was up and Maria got off his face, which Futa incest stories in sweat and juices by now. Next up was Caroline, she was pretty, but had really pale skin. Her figure wasn't athletic but she had a beautiful ass and big thighs. She walked up to poor Stuart and quickly plopped down on his face.

The girls looked at the teacher, but she just smiled and nodded.

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The next minute, Caroline didn't move at all, she had her ass firmly planted on Stuart's face and was talking to the other girls, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. After a while Stuart started to struggle, but she just ignored him. The struggling became less and less and after the minute, she slowly removed her ass from his face.

Poor Stuart was near unconscienceness, struggling to Masterbating with friends stories air.

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Caroline got so aroused at this sight, that she had to keep herself from not sitting back down on his face. Vera approached the teacher next. She Female nudist stories glasses, blonde hair, a very curvy body and a beautiful face. She explained to I had sex with my little sister stories teacher that while she enjoyed seeing Stuart get punished like this, she couldn't make herself sit down on his face. She insisted that her best friend, Veronica should be able to sit on his face for 2 minutes instead.

The teacher just nodded, but added that Vera didn't know what she was missing. As Veronica heard the news she got really excited. She was very tall and beautiful, had strawberry blonde hair, a nice, big ass and big tits.

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She also happened to be the ex-girlfriend of Stuart, until she Dominatrix wife stories him with another girl. So needless to say, she was enjoying what she was going Erotic forced gay stories do to him.

She walked up to Stuart and slowly removed her gym shorts. She then removed her panties and rubbed them in his face. Then she descended her ass onto his face, spreading her ass cheeks apart wide to fully engulf his face in her ass. Once she felt his nose directly near her asshole, she leaned back a bit, forcing it in even deeper. After a while the teacher said "One more minute to go! The thought of him having no choice but to smell it, made her very horny.

Straightened by the dominant teacher's punishment : a bdsm story of facesitting, sadism and female domination

She then continued her verbal torture and kept rubbing up and down his face. Vera got really Brother fucking little sister stories watching her best friend humiliate Stuart and regretted her decision not to sit on his face.

That's why, as soon as Veronica was finished and got off Stuart, Vera in a complete state of arousal rushed up to him, quickly pulled down her pants and descended onto his face. Poor Stuart didn't know what hit him, when he was nosedeep in another ass crack again.