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Teen Girls Spanking Stories

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This Mpreg sex stories a little story that I originally published on the the Google group soc. The story was inspired by another writer, who obcessively writes stories about teenage girls who needed to be spanked so they will not have irresponsible sex.

Name: Elvira
How old am I: 28
Ethnic: Peruvian
Who do I prefer: Man
What is my body type: My body type is quite fat
What I prefer to listen: Jazz
Smoker: Yes

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Spanked for swearing I apologize in advance, I can be very long winded It was just a few weeks ago Dirty old man sex stories this happened. We all play soccer for the school teams. Amanda and I both play for the varsity team and Bella plays for the JV team. The day that this took Donna reading nude the varsity team was having game so our parents decided to come and Bella watched after her practice was over. I felt a tug on my elbow and a spank land on my bottom.

We were standing outside the school so I looked around worried that that someone caught a glimpse of my uncle giving each of us Sex stories hampster spank, luckily nobody was looking at us and nobody has since said anything so I could only assume that it went unnoticed.

There he told my parents about what he heard us saying.

And they agreed that we should be taken to our house to be punished. That could only mean one thing, we were all in for a good spanking. Two things you should know about my parents, and my uncle Jack for that matter.

One, they are all firm believers in spanking, even on late teenagers like us. Two, they are very devout christians and tolerate absolutely no swearing. More than any other rule they are very strict on this. I just Custom erotic stories a spanking!

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Amanda and I did the same as our parents put us in the back of our van. As you can imagine being guilty only by association I was particularly upset. As we pulled into the driveway uncle Jack and Bella pulled in behind us and follwed Age regression machine story into the house.

They marched into the living room as we all followed red faced looking down at our feet. Then stand hands on your head facing the wall. We must have stood against that wall bare naked shoulder to shoulder for a good min. True to what she said earlier Bellas bottom was Indian cd stories light pink suggesting that she had been spanked recently. I did the classic handbra and handpanties as I slowely walked twords my impending doom. He did let me off pretty easy as far as pain went, only a mild stinging sensation coming from my bottom.

And I was forced Teen girls spanking stories lie there 18 years old red butt naked over my uncles knee. Of the three spankers my mom was certainly the harshest. I felt real bad for her, she was kicking, yelling and borderline in tears over my moms knee Girl diaper punishment stories absolutely sobbing by the time her father spanked her.

My dad Tumblr slut stories taking it a little bit easier on my sister. But unlike me, she was getting a real spanking. My dad had her arm pinned against her back and after each spank her legs would twitch.

After not too long we all got up and did our rotations. I began flinching, kicking and twisting. Of course this I was completely humiliated to. I was totally naked and completely out of control.

I was on the cusp of tears by the time it was my dad's turn. Again hopeful that he would take it easy Imvu love stories me unlike my mom. No Sir!! Then he gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me to go stand against the wall and rub my bottom if I wanted to.

It was another minute or so before my mom and uncle were done with Erotic amputee stories and Bella. Once they were they took their place next to me against the wall. With all of us lined up we were instructed to keep our hands on our he.

Amanda and Wife caught naked stories were both in tears at this point. While they were gone we continued rubbing our bottoms and comparing shades of red. Bellas bottom was the worst followed Lesbien short stories Amanda's followed by mine. Eventually our Harry hermione sex stories marched back in wielding our foot long paddle in their hand with holes that I was very familiar with, Amanda and I had been getting spanked with that paddle for a very long time.

We were instructed to keep our hands on our Teen girls spanking stories. Then Bella was called over first, I was forced to to face the wall so all I experienced was what I heard and what I heard sounded terrible. My uncle tapped her bottom with the paddle and instructed her the count the strokes. They both returned to the wall with me in tears with a even redder bottoms. After their paddling we were told that we were each going to be taken to the bathroom to get out mouths soaped. I was first to go, my mom grabbed me by the arm and marched me into the bathroom Taylor swift fake sex stories my dad Mom rides my cock story standing with a bar of soap.

After a half hour in the corner my punishment was finally. All three of us of course went straight back to the bathroom to spit out the soap and wash out our mouths then bella put her clothes back on and went home with her dad. I never did get a chance to shower after our game so I called first on the bathroom. After just a few minutes my sister barged in and opened the door. At first I was annoyed that she would barg in like that to see me naked but pretty quickly I realized that was silly for a couple of reasons.

She wanted to get a pic of my butt post spanking… Why do you want that? After a little bit of convincing I agreed. She also sent a copy to me.

Stories totalling 3,, bytes (about , words).

The reason being that people might be curious about the severity of my spankings and I think that this pic might give some insight to it. Share Link. Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First. View 2 more replies ». Hello Young lady, Claire, I would love to have a picture.

Great storytelling! Btw, if it is not too much bother. For comparison purposes Time control sex stories, how about a picture of your unspanked bottom as well as your thoroughly Sailor moon sex story, at least Femdom obedience stories story sure sounds like it was thoroughly spanked, bottom.

I am a Daddy, and I spank my girl. This message was deleted by the author of the main post. A really nice story. If you are happy and brave enough to send me a pic of your punished 18 year old bottom, then feel to send it to me on here via PM. It would be interesting to see it as we don't really get the paddle in England. Hope your bum didn't sting for too long. As a girl I can understand could I see a pic to see how bad Supergirl sex story was.

A good girl keeps her word straight always so the people can hear her. You are spanked so you are loved. To see you and your lovely red bottom would be a pleasure. Show me for I deserve to see. Tell me that you love me for I am a man. I'm curious as to why you weren't also paddled when they seemed to Gay outdoor sex stories giving you the same punishment as the others.