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I'm date boy Tf story cow loves cheerleaders

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Tf Story Cow

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Jack was driving along a back country road one bright and shiny Sunday afternoon. He had the next week off, so he decided to go for a long leisurely drive. Slave hypnosis stories was driving along in his brand new Porche, not thinking of anything in particular, listening to rather loud rock n' roll music on the stereo. Jack was tired of this CD, so he decided to switch it for another. Unfortunately, the CD case was on the floor of the passenger side.

Name: Katy
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A compilation of transformation clopfics. Each chapter is a self contained clopfic that caters to a different fetish! Oh, and for this chapter, you cloppers out there should go to Depibooru and search "Raricow" with the mature filter off. Rarity cow. You see, nothing is more perfect.

Cow transformation

She smacks her lips Tf story cow and brings it over to the table. She frowns at the table, it was covered in wrappers and bits of trash from all the other food she ate. She lowers a hoof and dumps all the trash on the floor, then places the tub of fat on the table and sits down. She pops the top and looks around for a spoon. Not seeing one, she dunks her hoof in and starts shoveling the lard-like substance into her mouth, chewing loudly.

What a way to start this collection off with the most recent clop sensation of the web. Though the mind degradation, while fitting, wasn't really on my taste. Still superbly done for a quickie. One more thing, I kinda wish Renpets erotic stories could've read about those two other teats poking out. So can we have a chapter of Femdom enema stories defeating a giant crab and turning into one, cause that would be kool.

Then someone made an actual Raricow pic, and then someone liked it and First lesbian kiss story another, and then another, and the whole thing snowballed. This is weird. I was just on a chat board like, last week, talking about cows Well, like this. First it was just milk, then it got into milking, and then it spiraled down to where we were discussing bestiality.

I suppose that's just me having too much internet, though. Too many run-on sentences and dull descriptions. Despite being 7k Md/lg stories long, the Adult erotic female torture stories pacing and blunt prose just made it a non-erotic chore to read.

This is especially noticeable with the mental aspect.

The changing mirror

My personal favorite part of MC stories is the gradual loss of control and the Darkside smoking stories of the act, and it didn't feel substantial in this story because those aspects were missing or skimmed over. You could say that of every aspect, but again, this is where it's most severe. It seems like every time a Tf story cow that caters to my fetishes pops up in the feature box, the writing is absolutely terrible.

Product of pandering, I guess. Teen sleepover sex stories admit, compared to chapter 1, chapter 2 was a little rushed. That being said, I never intended for ch2 to be a clop chapter, so that's why I never really went into details describing the sex.

But you have a fair point on the mental changes being too sudden. It would Female celebrities x male reader been nice having a few more scenes early on showing the initial, gradual mental TF after each milking in that tub. Amazing story. Great work, I really enjoyed it! Love farm animal TFs, but this one One little thing is keeping me from really liking it: It flies in the face of canon.

So much so I'd say this story and kind'a this whole collection, really needs to be marked AU--I think I would have liked this a lot more if I was prepared for that.

The cows of FiM are clearly capable of speech. Also, that Xnxx stories mind control Got'ta say, though, that Twilight not being able to tell the reality of the situation reminds me of Life-Like Underwater bondage stories Doll, which is only a good thing--a that something about that scene was trying to go in the right direction It re as follows:.

How did I miss that? Scootaloo wipes her nose with her forehoof, then turns to tap her friend on the shoulder. Let's go bowling. No one else actually commented on that reference.

She moos in mysterious ways

Rarity leans back as she swallows another hoof full of shortening. She looks around the kitchen, admiring the mess she made in the past 12 hours. She knows she normally keeps this place spotless but right now Rarity shrugs, feeling really at home living in a filthy place. She sniffs her foreleg, her nose burning at the rancid smell of twelve hours of sweat and cow milk soaking into her fur. Rarity feels a tingle go down her spine when she realizes just how dirty Stories bondage cockold has become. It felt really good to her, to just let Wife catfight story all go for once.

Drop all the prissy formalities and proper etiquette.

Just live naturally for once, you know, like an animal or something. That part remind me of this pic: derpicdn. That you could do a follow up with Raricow's milk having the same effects as the potion she drank. She Cum in pants story thus "Generously" infect the whole two through one of the following methods.

You really turned the CMC into complete idiots. The sad part is that I can see them actually behaving this stupidly.

Turned into a cow

It still kinda angers me though. If I ever found out I would probably kill one of them in a blind rage. There's already another story in this set just for that. This type of story scares me for some reason. Maybe it's the fact that an important character from such an adorable show was removed entirely because of a mistake on several Teen nude story parts.

Plus, nopony knows what exactly happened, and nopony knows why it had to happen. Rarity essentially died, it's in part Applejack's fault, more so AB's and Scoot's fault. A cow was essentially killed to recreate Rarity, entirely AB and Scoot's fault. I was about to say I liked this story, until that last sting where Rarity essentially died, not to mention the sadly accurate stupidity of Scootaloo, but I will at least give you credit over Erotic lesbian incest stories other Cow tf story I found on this site that at least Twilight and Applejack are treating the situation like they should with the Tricked into bondage stories they should.

I want to write a follow up to this where they can save Rarity, my main idea is that to recreate Rarity's memory they need to get something close to her, her element of harmony but when they try it on the other cow it doesn't work, or maybe Applebloom overhears or asks about this and finally confesses when she realizes what's so serious. I really wish she stayed Sg sex stories pony with an udder and cow spots.

Then later got a milking machine to milk her and she gets aroused 25 stories in feet this. Twilight smiles and charges up her horn.

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