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Tg mind control stories search woman who loves fatties

A compilation of transformation clopfics.

Tg Mind Control Stories

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An IT worker at a research lab discovers that Peeing in panties stories female scientist is working on a secret mind-control durg. Bryce meets Hallie by chance, but her presence may be enough to transform him and his life entirely. Abby is a normal girl who comes to possess a very unique gem.

Name: Erinna
Age: 58
Tint of my eyes: Dark dark eyes
My gender: Woman
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
My body type: My figure type is quite fat
Other hobbies: Sports
Smoker: Yes

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‘mind control’ stories

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Tg mind control stories

Poor Sap by magnificentanimal. Rated X. Published: Sep 18th, Real wedgie stories Updated: Sep 18th, Tags: inanimate transformation 1 male to female 1 tree 0 sex change 0 unwilling 0 forced change 0 man to woman 0 dryad 0 gender change 0 mtf 0 forced Free mom slut sex stories 0 mind control 0 human to tree 0 permanent 0 transformation 0 unwilling change 0 Gloryhole creampie stories 0 magical transformation 0 man into inanimate 0.

A shortcut through two blocks of forest may not have given Jared a second thought - at least until he discovered a strangely erotic tree in the center. Rated X Tg mind control stories in case, mostly for mature language and sexual themes.

Published: Sep 15th, Tags: impragnation 0 science 0 security guard 0 mind transfer 0 rebirth 0 forced change 0 Alternate Reality 0 guard dog 0 violence 0 mind control 0 implied bestiality 0 zombie 0. Hartford and Bates get entangled in a missing person's case and a secret project involving Dogs that goes horribly wrong Published: Aug 15th, Tags: impregnation 0 estrus 0 man to female dog 0 mind control 0 romance 0 demon 0 heat 0.

A man Thai prostitution stories was turned into Free forced teen rape stories valuable talking dog is captured and bred to a demon-wolf. Going Clubbing by ravnicrasol.

Rated R. Published: Jul 6th, Tags: lesbian 0 femdom 0 mind control 0 unaware 0 monster girl 0 catgirl 0 mind alteration 0 femsub 0. A woman wants to go out to the club to have some fun with her friend. There she meets a rather convincing psychic catgirl. You're Paying For This by tracyfauxx. Female injection stories May 31st, Tags: mind change 0 mind alteration 0 bimbofication 0 ass expansion 0 breast expansion 0 body modification 0 transformation 0 iq loss 0 mind control 0 mental changes 0 bimbo 0 body part transformation 0.

Jane gets caught up with her bimbo's long day out. Aria's Hunt by ravnicrasol. Published: Nov 13th, Tags: short 0 malesub 0 mind control 0 catgirl 0 femdom 0 pokegirl 0. A psychic feline pokegirl hunts Naked neighbor story some fun with an unsuspecting human. Short story based on a character from a quest I run.

Gratis mind control stories

Kenny und ich German translation Forced pregnant sex stories hectorscofield. Rated PG. Published: Aug 14th, Last Updated: Aug 15th, Tags: german 0 guard dog 0 German Shepherd 0 nanites 0 mind control 0 dog 0 security guard 0 accidental 0 foreign language 0. Mann zu Wachhund. Revenge or Nothing by kayemarquet. Published: Nov 17th, Last Updated: Nov 17th, Tags: cow 1 horse 1 transgender 1 mare 1 mating 0 magic 0 willing 0 magical transformation 0 mind control 0 messy 0.

The third part of the 'or Nothing' Sissy abdl stories concludes with not one, but TWO possible endings. Published: Aug 31st, Last Updated: Aug 31st, Tags: anatomically correct 1 absorption -1 soft vore Breastfeeding adults stories merging 0 music 0 mind change 0 oral 0 straight 0 femdom 0 mind control 0 hyena 0 reality change 0 mtf 0 domination 0 sex 0 gay 0 tgtf 0 metal 0 hypnosis 0 pseudopenis 0 stays male 0 anthro 0 mind alteration 0 furry 0.

A failing metal band frontman gets a boost to yeen queendom. The Breaking of Starfire by tf-mistress.

Published: May 22nd, Tags: petrification 0 fountain 0 breast expansion 0 yuri 0 mind control 0. A sequel to my story Supergirls Moo. It's now Starfires turn Christian domestic discipline stories go against The Woman, with her friend Raven of course.

No good can come of this Published: May 18th, Tags: mind control 0 horse 0 donkey 0 enf 0 masturbation 0 feral 0. For this story, I decided to bring back The Man. He's here to show why you should show a bit more respect First time bi curious stories other people on the road.

After all, you never know who you could offend. Published: Mar 31st, Last Updated: Apr 1st, Tags: demon 2 hypnosis 1 ass expansion 1 masturbation 1 female 1 bunny 1 tail growth 1 mind control 1 sex 1 fantasy 1 corruption 1 woman 1 tail 1 scissoring 1 Humiliating punishment stories 1 oral sex 1 tail sex 1 drug use 0 gay 0 rabbit 0 passion 0 nudity 0 love 0.

Isabelle and Looda resolve to start their world conquest by corrupting Bromance true stories mountain town of Dill. Vote for the adventure, part 2. Think : Dog by ashdoge.

Published: Feb Malayalam sexstory pdf, Last Updated: Feb 21st, Tags: husky 3 mental shift 3 dog 2 male 0 progressive transformation 0 canine 0 mind control 0 feral 0 drugs 0 nonconsensual 0 strong instincts 0.

Max has always wanted to be treated like a dog.

Unbeknownst to him, he will find out exactly what that feels like - whether he wants to or not Mum Anonymous gay sex stories Best by minotaurking. Published: Feb 7th, Tags: mind control 0 heterosexual 0 anthro 0 mind change 0 cougar 0 nonconsensual 0 mustelid 0 skunk 0 oral sex 0.

Forced tg caption mind control

A young man falls Male chastity storys of his mother in law's Topless wife story. Published: Jan 29th, Erotic prostate massage stories masturbation 0 breast fondling 0 petrification 0 dancing 0 statue 0 slut 0 vagina 0 asfr 0 mind control 0 embarrassment 0 bimbo 0 mind intact 0 fountain 0 lactation 0 ass expansion 0 enf 0 breast expansion 0 breast growth 0 spanking 0.

The Man meets a girl who's a bit to quick to criticize. Well, now she can't stop saying things to pleasure him, whether she wants to or not. Of course, soon she won't be able to speak at all. She's All Grown Up by tf-mistress. Published: Jan 26th, Tags: incest 0 ass expansion 0 petrification 0 lactation 0 mind intact 0 embarrassment 0 pose 0 vaginal 0 anal sex 0 asfr 0 oral sex 0 dick expansion 0 stone 0 mind control 0 breast fondling 0 fountain 0 breast expansion 0 nonconsensual 0 enf 0 anal 0 naked 0 hourglass 0.

Category: mind control stories

An evil witch has a code that she doesn't transform children. However, the moment you turn 18, you are no longer safe, as one Kate Hunter learns. Supergirls Moo by tf-mistress. Tags: ass expansion 1 birth 1 milking 0 shit 0 masturbation 0 mind intact 0 bull 0 milk 0 sex 0 enf 0 cow 0 mate 0 messy 0 mind control 0 naked 0 embarrassment 0 mind alteration 0 clothes ripping 0 weight gain 0 lactation All the way through sex stories farting 0 nonconsensual 0 breast expansion 0.

Hypnosis & mind control

One of parts eighties heroes falls when she meets a very sadistic enemy. Non of her powers will mean much when she's breeding livestock.

Great Ass by tf-mistress. Published: Jan 25th, Tags: tf 0 mind control 0 donkey 0 nonconsensual 0.

Hypnosis & mind control

Meet "The Man", as he runs into Karen and decides to make her ass more literal. Published: Oct 6th, Tags: lactation 1 eggs 1 harem 1 slug 1 mind control 1 birth 1 cuckolding 1 oviposition 1 petplay 0 Abdl poop story penis 0 object insertion 0 human 0 parasite 0 transgender 0 vaginal 0 love 0 transgendered 0 oral 0 plugging 0 milk 0 sex 0 dehumanization 0 male 0 pregnancy 0 straight 0 exhibitionism 0 reptile 0 tail sex 0 female 0 Male chastity stories tumblr 0 horse 0 taur 0 merging 0 lizard 0 tail growth 0 masturbation 0 cocktail 0 anal 0 breeding 0.

A group of humans are abducted by aliens and transformed into bizarre over-sexed livestock creatures by parasite slugs. More than a few last words by kayemarquet. Published: Aug 16th, Last Updated: Aug 16th, Tags: horse 0 feral Stories about sissies messy 0 mind control 0 breeding 0 unwilling 0 mtf 0 transgender 0.