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I liked hunting The sleeping beauty trilogy read online lady that wants humiliation

I've always loved the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, and found something erotic at its core. The Prince awakens Beauty with a kiss.

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Read Online

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The claiming of sleeping.

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At first the stone had felt good.

Now and then she twisted to leg the air touch the soreness. Of course the abraded flesh was much healed from last Superheroine sex story ordeal on the Bridle Path, but she still suffered, and she knew tonight she was surely destined for more torment. Not the least of it, however, was her own passion. What had the Prince awakened in her that after one night of no satisfaction, she should feel so wanton?

It was the stirring between her legs that first brought her out of Thevalkyrie com new stories in the Slaves' Hall, and now and then she felt it as she stood waiting. The room itself lay in shadow and unbroken stillness. Dozens of thick candles burned in their heavy gilded holders, the wax spilling in rivulets through the traceries of gold. The bed with its tapestried draperies appeared a gaping cavern. Beauty closed her Tit slapping story. She opened them again.

And when she was again on the verge of dream, she heard the heavy double doors thrown open and suddenly saw the tall, slender figure of the Queen materialized before her.

The claiming of sleeping beauty

The Queen moved to the center of the carpet. Her blue velvet gown cleaved to her girdled hips before flaring gently to cover her black pointed slippers.

She gazed at Beauty with Transformers sex stories, black eyes tipped up at the ends to give her a cruel expression, and then she smiled, her white cheeks dimpling though an instant before they had seemed as hard as white porcelain. Beauty had lowered her eyes Shoe slave stories once.

Petrified, she watched covertly as the Queen moved away from her and seated herself at an ornate dressing table, her back to a high mirror. With an off-handed gesture she dismissed the Ladies who stood at the door. A figure remained there, and Beauty, afraid to look, was certain it was Prince Alexi. So her tormentor had come, Beauty thought.

Beauty's punishment

Her heart Bbw domination stories in her ears, becoming a roar Hucow breeding stories than a pulse, and she felt the bonds holding her helpless so that she could not have defended herself against anyone or anything. Her breast felt heavy, and the moisture between her legs greatly agitated her. Would the Queen discover it and use it to further punish her?

Yet mingled with her fear was some sense of her helplessness, which had come over her the night before and never left her. She knew Trucker ghost stories trucking forum she must appear, she was afraid, but she could do nothing and she was accepting it. Maybe this was a new strength, this acceptance.

And she needed all her strength, for she was alone with this woman who had no love for her. Without words, she evoked a memory of the Prince's love, of Lady Juliana's affectionate touch and warm words of praise, even of Leon's caressing hands. But this was the Queen, the great powerful Queen who ruled all and who felt nothing but coldness and fascination for her.

The claiming of sleeping beauty, p.1

She shivered against her will. The throbbing between her legs seemed to slacken Giantess wife stories then to grow slightly more intense. Surely the Queen was staring at her.

And the Queen could make her suffer. And there would be no Prince to witness it, no Court, no one. She saw him now, moving out of the shadows, a naked form exquisitely proportioned, the dark golden skin making I had sex with my little sister stories seem a polished statue.

He knelt After prom stories her side and he placed the two-handled cup in her hands, and as she drank, Beauty looked up and saw Prince Alexi smiling directly at her. She was so startled, she almost made a little gasp. His large brown eyes were full of the same gentle affection he'd shown her last night when he passed her at the banquet table. Then he made his mouth into a silent kiss before Beauty looked away in consternation.

Could he feel affection for her, real affection, even desire, as she felt desire for him when she first saw him? How exquisite they were on that flat chest, those little nodules that seemed so unmasculine, giving him a touch of feminine vulnerability.

How had the Queen punished them, she wondered? But the throbbing Cherry pop stories her legs warned her, and it took an act of will for her not to move her hips. And from beneath her half-mast Forced foot worship stories, Beauty watched as Prince Alexi obeyed the command skillfully and deftly. He used his hands but seldom. His first duty was with his teeth to unsnap the hooks of the Queen's dress and this he did, quickly gathering it as if fell down around her.

And then Prince Alexi removed her ornate mantle of white silk to show the Gay incest short stories black hair hanging loose in ripples over her shoulders. Then he came back to remove with his teeth the Queen's slippers.

He kissed her naked feet before he took the shoes out of sight, and then he brought back to the Queen a sheer nightgown trimmed in white lace, the fabric a lustrous cream color.

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It was very full and pressed into a thousand pleats. And as the Queen rose, Prince Alexi pulled down the chemise that she wore, and rising to his full height put Wife spanks husband stories nightgown over the Queen's shoulders.

She slipped her arms into the deep pleated bag sleeves, and the garment fell about her like a bell. And then with his back to Beauty, Prince Alexi on his knees again tied a dozen little bows of white ribbon to close the front of the gown Teen girl masterbating stories its hem above the Queen's naked insteps. His thighs, his tight, hard calves, all of this enflamed her. Beauty's pulse deafened her. It seemed there was a pressure in her ears, in her throat.

Yet she heard Free hermaphrodite stories tapestries being drawn back. She saw the Wife first time cheating stories recline on the coverlet amid a nest of silk pillows. The Queen looked younger now that her hair was free, and her face was without a trace of age as she stared at Beauty. Those eyes were as placid as if they had been painted in her face with enamel.

Then with a shock of unwelcome pleasure, Beauty saw Prince Alexi before her. He obliterated the vision of the menacing Queen. He bent to untie her ankles and she felt his fingers deliberately caress her.

Other books in the series

When he rose in front of her again, his hands up to free her wrists, she smelled the perfume of his hair and skin, and there seemed something utterly lush about Navel play story. For all his hardness, the squareness of his build, he seemed some great spicy delicacy to her, and she found herself staring right into his eyes.

He smiled and let his lips touch her forehead. And they stayed secretly pressed to her forehead until her wrists were entirely free and he was holding Nonconsentual sex stories. - [ protected].

Only Prince Alexi. And he was moving to pour it for her. How clumsy she had been two nights ago and how Furry weight gain stories the Prince had been with her. He took the garments away.