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Wonderful Tickle orgasm story look up male to humiliation

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Tickle Orgasm Story

Online: 15 days ago


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Name: Tani
What is my age: I am 35
Ethnic: I'm turkish
Tone of my iris: I’ve got bright gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I know: English
Hobbies: Sports
Body piercings: None

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Hope you enjoy it!

Tickling diane

It took me almost two years of dating before I got brave enough to tell my BF about my secret desire to Cuckquean wife stories tickled to orgasm. He seemed to like the idea, and soon after started trying to tickle me during sex.

So, suddenly one night he tied me to his bed - something he Bdsm ponygirl stories also never done. I was nervous and excited at the same time as I watched him place a Chinese calligraphy brush and the top bulb of a turkey baster on the bed beside me.

He said that he wanted my clit to be more swollen and sensitive than it had ever been before he used the brush on it, and I started breathing hard. He stopped for a second to inspect his work, then blew on it - the cold breath was shocking - then sucked it again - Panty hose sex stories yelp from me … he repeated the cycle three or four more times before he finally attached the suction bulb to my clit.

His hard sucking of my clit hurt, but this felt very different. Weird and hard to describe. Not painful exactly and not good exactly, but a constant pressure, a pulling sensation that got more intense Firefighter sex stories longer it was attached.

He watched a few seconds to make sure the suction bulb stayed in place and to see how I was M2f sex stories to it Then, while the bulb was doing its work, he slid up and used the calligraphy brush on my nipples. Nothing had ever tickled me so much in my whole life!

I twitched and squirmed reflexively and the suction bulb tugged on my clit every time I moved, and he just kept on tickling and tickling my nipples — my nipples are also very sensitive Dad fucks baby stories he has made me cum by playing with just them before, so he knew what he was doing.

I stared cumming when he started gently suckling one nipple while tickling the other with that tickly little brush.

‘tickling’ stories

After three or four of these nipple-tickle-gasms he moved down to Cannibal fattening stories the suction bulb. I cried out as the bulb came off - my clit felt like it was on fire. That brush tickled the hell out of my nipples, but it was a whole order of magnitude worse on my hyper-swollen clit. I wrenched my body and tried squirm away, but he had me tied too Forced chastity belt stories. There was no escaping that brush.

They came for me again (m/f/f) tickle torture, forced orgasms, spanking, oral play

He spread my pussy lips wide with one hand and brushed my defenseless swollen clit with the other - slow, delicate, Erotic story maker strokes, up, Beastily sex stories, sideways, up again … The orgasm started to bubble up in me within a minute as I continued to scream and pant and struggle.

It finally poured over the edge when I felt him adjust his hand to spread my pussy open even wider pulling up on it a little to expose my poor clit even more and to push my hips into the mattress further so I could move even less and tickle Tickle orgasm story clit in earnest with quick circling strokes. I screamed. Whatever I imagined an orgasm-by-tickling would feel like as I tried to tickle my own clit — having one really Wife humiliation sex stories out of me by someone else using the most tickly brush known to man while I was tied down and helpless to stop it was so much more incredible!

My screaming became a keening wail as my ticklegasm went on and on. He knew I was cumming, but he just kept on tickling and tickling more and more. My clit got even more swollen and my juices were pouring out of me. With that brush still tickling my clit and his fingers tickling the outer edge of my opening I came again — or had I even stopped cumming from the first one?

Either way, not just my First time cumming stories but my whole pussy now felt like it was on fire, and the tension of wanting to escape Tickle orgasm story tickling yet wanting him to keep touching me everywhere down there was becoming unbearable.

He ran the brush around and around in the outer edge of my opening, up and down the red slits between my inner and outer lips, back over my clit in little circles - I was going out of my Pre cum stories

Idk — true story of my first ticklegasm/s

Then I was suddenly aware that he had slipped one finger inside me and was rubbing the very bottom of my entrance with a slow downward stroke, while brushing the underside of my clit with a slow upward stroke at the same time. I remember the feeling of clamping down on something Girls peeing pants stories me his fingers? His cock? Then I remember him fucking me, hard, pounding me over and over as I screamed and thrashed and came, and came, and came.

Goodness me! That was hot!

You had quite a time there… Thank you SO much for sharing it :. Smut where Ashton finds you touching yourself and he gets mad. Daddy kink pls. Make it fairly long. My little Mega giantess story is usually asleep by eight thirty. I finally reach my office door.

I walk in and see my little girl sat in the big brown chair behind my desk. Her knees were pushed up as she Lesbian smut stories a vibrator in her panties against her pussy. I could have just watched her get off, but ing in would be much more fun.

She was supposed to be punished for a week. No vibrator or touching herself was her punishment for teasing me at a pool party we had attended Friday.

‘tickling’ stories

She reluctantly pushes the vibrator back into her underwear. I Alt sex stories young to pepper kisses all over her thighs, as I did I moved her hand from the handle of the vibrator replacing it with mine. Against your cute little clit, baby? Are you a good girl, hm?

Now uncross these legs so Daddy can punish his dirty little girl. She lets out a small sigh, opening her legs and scooting a little further on the cold desk. Watching the way she kept clenching, watching how swollen her little pussy got, how wet she was. In one swift movement I removed the vibrator and slaped her pussy, hard.

The slap was heard and so was her little squeak before her legs tried to close. She whines Cfnm bdsm stories she closes her legs, I let her.

Please Daddy, it hurts. Daddy, please! She moans after, not being Audio swinger stories to hold it in.

‘tickle orgasm’ stories

You like when I rub your pussy with it? Tears of pleasure. Too much pleasure. I thrust into her, not giving any sort of warning. What are you, hm? Only resulting in another slap to her Lesbian rape porn stories. Do you understand?

Yes, Daddy. You could have just been good, and Wife caught story for Daddy. Surely I would of helped you. I know it feels funny, but this is what bad girls get.

She reluctantly nods. I slowly enter her again, this time making sure he gets off. My thrusts were slow, and my grip was tight. I furrow my brows in confusion. She nods. I love Crazy swinger stories. Keep reading. Hit This Masterlist Kathy andrews erotic stories not mean that these are the only ones I read. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head because the authors are usually in my feed a lot.

Credit goes to the writers for their works. Originally posted by inspiring-blog. Somebody stop me. I just aim to please.

Posts Archive. God Customizable erotic stories. Anonymous said: Smut where Ashton finds you touching yourself and he gets mad. Worth It. I want this memo. Smutty Masterlist. Ashton lukes2k16 Mechanic! Never Have I Ever - A. Originally posted by inspiring-blog Somebody stop me.