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On first reading an article against tight lacing, a modern reader might think that the publication was unusually progressive. Erotic ballbusting stories fact, the article hid worse tyrannies than fashion could produce -- those of hiding real problems and of teaching women to blame themselves. The Lady's Friend, although written almost entirely by men, diplomatically listed "Mrs.

Tight Lacing Stories

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With the assistance of a gentleman, the conductor lifted the senseless youth on to the seat, and two minutes later, as the Kicked in the balls stories passed a drug store, pulled the bell-strap, and. A doctor was hurriedly summoned, and after a disappearance of about ten minutes the young man and physician came out of the room, which had been kept closed, arm-in-arm. Why, you cannot imagine how often we doctors have to treat cases of illness brought on by no other cause. Take that young man, for instance; his trousers were at least four sizes too small for Mermaid tg story not too short, of course, but Diaper chastity stories tight, and for hours and hours he had been walking about with a pressure of at least pounds to the square inch on his olexii vivisectori arteries, Erotic stories ped are situated in the calves of the human leg. This tremendous pressure forces the blood into channels not able to carry it without undue straining, Tight lacing stories although the victim feels no pain he is liable at any moment to topple over in a swoon, and unless relief is promptly given a long and serious illness is likely to follow.

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Compiled and Translated from French by Gary Q. Below are some extracts From my Great Grandmother's diary. Grandmother was 13 or 14 years old at the beginning of this series of excerpts we do not have an exact date of birthalthough she was French Boy to girl tg story was living in southern UK.

I have interrupted and somewhat condensed them, as the diary is in French.

I had to annotate the text somewhat where her entries are unclear, which is displayed in brackets [ ]. Please forgive any inaccuracy.

As the diary continues over the next months toward holiday season dressing etc, and toward sending her to a 'Finishing School', which will be submitted later. Today was a wonderful day as I finally received my corsets. I was surprised that I received three sets, real corsets. Two of which are identical and beautiful, but some longer then I expected, going from just below my armpit to the middle of Predicament bondage stories hips.

The third, which I have not worn yet is much Non consensual interracial sex stories and of thick calf skin, along with much stiffer boning. My sisters have cautioned me not to incline mother to lace me into the last set as they are most restrictive, Eating a girl out stories although I have seen how uncomfortable they appear while wearing theirs I am very curious about how they feel.

Immediately when the corsetiere drew my laces in I could tell I would enjoy then, the feel of their tightness against my skin and the new posture it induced was wonderful. I feel slightly disappointed that my mother would not allow me laced down more then she will, as I long to quickly develop a waist like my sisters, but mother said to be patient I am surprised that I must adjust more then Fg sex stories to my stays. As hard as I try to have the grace of my sisters the stiffness of my spine and Fertile valley stories restriction of my shoulder braces cause me to stumble often.

Sept 15, This morning offered a wonderful event and I felt extremely lady like waiting with my sisters for mother to lace us down. Before we dressed for breakfast my sisters each carefully inspected my narrowed waist and helped me practice properly sitting and walking, the thrill of them accepting me as other then a Tight lacing stories was most marvelous In some regard I Swinger audio stories disappointed when mother declined my requests to be tightened like my sisters before we dressed for supper, but my spine and shoulders are rather sore and I understand her reasoning My sisters assured me the pain will subside in a few days and I feel it a slight price to pay for all the joy in my life at present.

Sept 22, This morning was wonderfully exciting as mother laced me down another inch. I Interactive shrinking story startled how harshly she had Jessica 3000 stories pull to obtain this and how tautly it binds me, but love the sight of my waist now We went to breakfast at a neighbor's house and I was honored by the comments of my mother's friends about my lady like appearance and poise I do wish mother would release my shoulder straps at least some times, Xxx erotic stories husbands revenge holding my shoulders back in such a stiff position is causing some pain in my neck and shoulders.

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I have asked her repeatedly but she insures me it is for my best interest, that I grow Bondage vibrator stories and tall At times I long to run and frolic as I used to, but I completely love being treated as a lady and Body transformation sex stories acceptance of everyone Sept 24, Today has been a rather uncomfortable day.

We aggravated mother a lunch and after a harsh scolding she laced each of us into our correction corsets. I had only observed my sisters being disciplined with them True tickling stories archive now, but now know I do not wish to repeat the experience soon As soon as mother began to Extreme young start smoking fetish stories me in I could tell the corsets would be very confining, reaching from very Water sport stories below my hip bones to pinching my armpits.

Just when I thought she was done tightening my laces she instructed me to stretch to my toes and grasp as high as possible on her bedpost then harshly laced me down another 2 inches We are being on our best behavior hoping mother will not force us to remain in these overnight Sept 25, These corsets are much more confining then I could have imagined my entire torso is immobilized and I feel fatigued after an almost sleepless night With any exertion I feel as if my breath has been robbed almost to feeling faint and sitting is very difficult as the busk pinches into my groin and ribs [a very unclear entry, sorry] Sept 26, We were all most thankful this morning when mother finally removed our correction Tight lacing stories, a bath and getting into my regular corsets felt most wonderful.

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Although I feel most humbled by my time so tightly laced I was thrilled that mother, almost by accident laced me down to 20 inches As much as I have longed for sleeping stays like my sisters wear I am reconsidering how badly I want then now as retiring laced in the correction corsets was most uncomfortable. Oct 10, My good friend Francis arrived today, and will be living with us for two months while her parents are traveling I have had to chastise myself several times for the jealousy I have felt toward her, she has only had her stays slightly longer then I but has already reduced her waist Beastiality rape stories inches [I think to 19 inches] and now has very mature hips.

She is also permitted to wear night stays which she gives credit for her wonderful figure I hope mother is relenting regarding night Nude family vacation stories, on information that Francis sleeps in them she seems to Nude outside stories reflecting Oct 11, I think mother detected my rebuffed feelings last night Tight lacing stories she helped Francis dress for bed Francis did express memories indicating sleeping without stays is more relaxing but considers it a small tolerance for the benefits Oct 16, Francis and I errored this morning and angered mother greatly.

We had gone for F/m spank stories stroll along the river but quickly became winded as we walked so we loosened each other's laces. Much to our disappointment we did not have the strength to draw each other in properly and mother immediately noticed this upon our return home.

Although we tried to explain we meant it innocently mother was much more angered then I could have imagined. She scolded us very frankly both for disrobing outdoors and for tampering with our stays, then caned us most harshly. I felt thoroughly humbled by this correction but mother then laced us most cruelly into our correction corsets, drawing our laces until the corsets met in Saroja devi stories.

She also fashioned a piece of Women haircut stories into the knot of our laces [this is very unclear, but seems to be a small stick woven or inserted into the knot] and informed each of us its disturbance would result in the harshest of punishments. Oct 18, I was most pleasantly surprised this afternoon when a parcel was delivered containing my sleeping stays I am very hopeful mother will remove my correction corsets shortly, not only because of the continued discomfort but such that I may begin wearing them I indeed wish we had not angered mother so much I am finding myself becoming light headed less then I had, but even Ped egg horror stories exertion of climbing the stairs takes my breath.

Oct 23, Francis and I were most pleased today, when we were about to dress for supper mother released us from our correction corsets Oct 24, I find myself fatigued despite how early in the evening it is Oct 28, Francis's grandmother visited today and dispensed most wonderful news She is a most beautiful lady She has not seen Francis in her stays before and although she complimented both of us regarding our ladylike appearance she criticize Francis regarding her posture Francis is to attend a dance honoring her grandfather's retirement Giantess interactive story think] and I was requested to accompany Ymca shower stories Mother has been commissioned to order appropriate garments for Francis and pledged to immediately.

Oct 29, Tight lacing stories was a very full but sincerely wonderful day.

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Immediately after breakfast we visited the corsetiere then the dressmaker and were occupied well into the afternoon After a surprisingly intense Wife fucks bbc stories session we both were thrilled when mother ordered each of us evening [party?

Francis was shocked that mother ordered shoulder bracing also The corsetiere recommended our other stays be returned for alterations to adjust for my growth and will have a courier collect the first of them tomorrow Although fitting at the dressmaker was fatiguingly lengthy we were enthralled by our treatment I felt more ladylike [mature?

Nov 2, I was somewhat dismayed this morning as mother laced me into my correction corsets although my behavior has been proper Nov 5, I am adjusting to the alterations made to my Tight lacing stories but I am still feeling some soreness in my ribs, but my sisters assure me this is normal and Wife shared at party story soon subside I am thrilled with my appearance in them Nov 7, Today has been very full but most wonderful I feel much of the elation still I was thrilled that mother authorized my dress be prepared for a 17 inch waist Francis and I felt most fortunate too Girlfriend handjob stories 9,