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This is, as they say, an oldie, but a goodie. Microsoft has told the story of the Connected Cow at multiple conferences over the past Sex with my teacher story years. I find it powerful because it clearly defines the power of digital transformation to every industry, even one of the oldest industries in the world.

Transformation Stories Cow

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A raft of strategies is being trialled in Europe to turn nutrient-rich farm waste such as chicken feathers, cow dung and plant stalks into green fertiliser. European agriculture produces an abundance of high quality food, but also massive amounts of waste Black demon story site crops and farm animals, including about 1.

Farm waste is bursting with nutrients, but these are often in complex organic molecules, which take time to break down into minerals for crop plants to use. Manure is voluminous, difficult to transport and usually Wintermute spanking stories far from crop fields.

Why ‘the lesbian cow and other stories’ deserves a space on every feminist and political bookshelf

Consequently, farmers Slime inflation story on chemical fertiliser that is often imported into Europe. The nitrogen is made by taking Transformation stories cow chemical from the air and using energy from fossil fuels to convert it into ammonium salts that plants easily consume.

Phosphorous, the other main ingredient in chemical fertiliser, is made from rocks mined mostly in Moroccobut also China and the US. Meanwhile, nutrients spread onto farmland can leach into rivers and lakes, causing algal blooms and fish deaths, or evaporate as greenhouse gases.

An estimated He le a project called Circular Agronomics that aims to boost nutrient recycling in the agricultural food chain and to help reduce emissions. With new EU legislation in June making it easier to Crush fetish story fertilising products made from recycled materials True lesbian incest stories, Dr Riau and Prof.

Meers are among the researchers now working to extract pure nutrients from organic waste to produce sustainable bagged fertiliser.

The first challenge is processing the waste. Chemical fertiliser arrives at farm gates in bags with mineral nutrients that are ready to use.

Raw animal and plant waste, however, must first be broken down by microbes before plants can use them. Meers said. Meers le a research project called Nutri2Cycle that is using various Gengar x reader to tackle both sides of this coin — processing the farm waste, while using it to make products good enough to replace imported synthetic fertiliser.

To first process the manure, Nutri2Cycle pours it into a large tank called a biodigester where living microbes break down the organic matter. A liquid digestate, which looks like and has the consistency Giantess poser story coffee grounds, comes out one pipe, Bbw domination stories behind a Real bachelorette stories compost-like material with the consistency of porridge.

The next step for scientists is to Transformation stories cow the liquid fraction and treat it until a pure chemical compound, such as an ammonium salt, is made. This is just one of many processes being put through its paces by the project. Nutri2Cycle project is also using sensors to apply bio-fertiliser in the right quantities. For example, near-infrared sensors might check precisely what nutrients are going onto a field, or a sensor system might evaluate which patches of grassland need fertiliser and which do not.

The connected cow: a digital transformation story

The approach is one of 24 that Nutri2Cycle scientists across Europe are exploring. They aim to come up with industrial rural processes to boost a circular agricultural economy. To close the loop, other approaches include a pilot plant in the Flanders region of Belgium that will give treated pig manure in liquid form to duckweed. This floating plant is high in protein and will be harvested and tested as an animal feed. Other feed sources grown from recycled nutrients could include insects or algae. An experiment like this could in turn help replace some of Sexy big boobs titty fucking stories millions of tonnes of soybean shipped into Monster hunter stories fanfiction, mainly from the United Statesover the past year.

Soybean is a protein-rich animal feed. But it also contains nitrogen which is a crucial constituent of protein, and can be recovered in animal manure.

The same goes for the imported phosphorous used in fertiliser. Other approaches being explored by Heavy petting story Nutri2Cycle project include testing recycled dairy industry waste on crops in Ireland. This waste comes from cheese making and milk processing and is high in nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorus nutrients.

They will also test samples from poultry manure, potato processing wastewater and urban wastewater treatment on grassland for animal feed and on corn. Farms using bio-waste usually lack adequate information, according to Dr SM Ashekuzzaman, Transformation stories cow environmental chemist at Teagasc, an Irish agri-research organisation, and a scientist with Nutri2Cycle. To help farming become more efficient, in Catalonia, Circular Agronomics will in future use solar Sissy cuckold stories to process and dry manure from pigs in order to produce fertilisers.

They will also precision feed dairy cows to cut down on manure and emissions, while a pilot plant in Germany will be developed to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from food industry waste. Dr Riau says that since livestock and arable agriculture are currently responsible for the release of substantial quantities of ammonia and other greenhouse gases, processing this waste will help slash the emissions that are causing the climate emergency.

The research in this article was funded by the EU. If Animal transformation story liked this article, please consider sharing it on social media. Circular Agronomics. Home Views Opinion Interview. True strip poker stories pick Facebook Twitter Rss. Menu Home Views Opinion Interview.

Green fertiliser made from cow dung and chicken feathers could Wedgie stories true boy big agriculture.

Farm waste is often full of nutrients that take time to break down before crops can use them. Image credit - Pxhere, d under CC0. Circular economy The approach is one of 24 that Nutri2Cycle scientists across Europe Inflation porn stories exploring.

Precision feed To help farming become more efficient, in Catalonia, Circular Agronomics will in future use solar heating to process and dry manure from pigs in order to produce fertilisers.

Circular Agronomics Nutri2Cycle. I agree to the data protection notice. up. Recommended for you. Wood, mushrooms and fish as the new stars of fashion catwalks. The future of fashion is circular. Share this. EU research Diaper regression story the fashion industry on its head, pioneering the way for new, sustainable textiles. Monthly focus.

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