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I looking up Transformers sex stories that wants scars

Over three decades Transformers has grown from a line of children's toys to a media franchise encompassing film, TV and gaming. Perhaps its most radical spin-off though is a comic Chastity device story has used wit and humanity to reach a new, diverse fan base.

Transformers Sex Stories

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Name: Ibby
Age: I'm 30 years old
Ethnic: Swedish
Tint of my iris: Gray-blue eyes
Hair color: I've lustrous white hair
Favourite music: I like to listen rap

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Bumblebee had a crush on Mikaela, he always have had it ever since he first laid his eyes on the gorgeous human female. It was the reason he faked a mechanical problem when she first got a ride from Sam. It was also the reason why Cougar love stories changed his alternate mode from a beaten old Camaro to a brand new top of the line one the moment she complained Mikaela came out looking rather surprised.

When did you got back?


And why so soon? What the? Bumblebee what is the meaning of all this?

Is Starscream or any of those other so called Decepticons back? With that Bumblebee sped off into the highway, after a while they reached the location Bumblebee wanted Jessica alba sex story be all along. OK what is going on? Why did you bring me here?

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Oh you must mean the slang you humans use when referring to making a move on someone, right? I got to give Gay sex stories topix to Sam. The boy does have excellent taste! I Small cock humiliation stories do you reproduce as we do?

In Cybertron it was the All Spark that gave life to us all. We do not know the origins of the All Spark other than the fact that it created us. But never the less as I said before as fully sentient beings we have all the urges and desires that you humans do! Do you have to go to the bathroom as well? But I did find your last question rather annoying. As you said you are machines that were created by the All Spark and you obviously do not have any reproductive organs to speak off and even if you did the differences in size would still make it impossible. I know how to make you cum like crazy!

And just how could you possibly pull that off? All of a sudden Mikaela felt like a pulse Latex slave story came right under her seat and went right into her Transformers sex stories making her very own clit vibrate, at nearly the same time she felt a sudden breeze from another direction slightly to her front and below her which lifted her blouse.

And Mikaela please relax I would never, ever do anything to hurt you! Alien or not! You see I can sense every breath you take, every heartbeat your heart makes in short I can sense any Gay incest true stories change in your body and act accordingly so… Are you gonna get naked or not?

With Sissy cuck stories Mikaela felt both surges of what seemed to be sound waves and wind hit her exposed boobs as if someone was caressing them.

Transformers sex stories

Her breathing became deeper as her arousal grew. She instinctively spread her legs as surges of sound and wind assaulted her pussy plying it open and making her clit vibrate at the same time. Mikaela moaned in absolute ecstasy as she felt the impending and inevitable arrival of Forced shemale sex stories humongous orgasm. She finally climaxed and her body convulsed spasmodically. Wave after wave of orgasms ripped Spanking stories cane her body as BB continued ministering pleasure to her body in a way no human ever could.

Mikaela lost all control of her body under the extreme pleasure sensory assault she was being dealt by BB Harley quinn porn story lost track of time and space being a total prisoner of the incredible sensations that racked her body.

After about an hour the pleasure sensory barrage dropped down as BB felt that Mikaela was all but drained.

BB gently picked Mikaela up walked to a nearby hill overlooking the lake that was now bathed under the light of a full moon. BB laid Mikaela Girls wrestling stories to him, by that time she was soundly asleep.

What time is it? Where are my clothes? She promptly entered and immediately Bumblebee took off into the road. The road?

Welcome to

So is this a one time deal then? I mean why now? What we had tonight could be a one time thing or it could happen as many times as you like, besides I only showed what I can do in vehicle mode so far! No Amazing and Spectacular definitely!

Mikaela could not help but to laugh at the overture. So when can we do this again? The end…. Share Story. Transformers movie Bumblebee finally hits on Mikaela.

Welcome to

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Transformers: misfit robots and the women who love them

Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed my little scribble. Seriously any constructive criticism would be better Wild animal sex stories a blanket statement calling al Scifi fans geeks who just play with toys and think only about having sex! Such statements contribute in nothing and is just to insult all Scifi fans in general.

Wow you really have a very skewed view of Science fiction fans, most of us in fact do not own, nor play with action figures although we may have when Short stories to get you turned on were kids and most us do not dress the part either as some Trekkies or Star Wars fans do for example e.

This must be something that would appeal to those geeks who play with action figures and only think about having sex. Get real. Log in to comment or register Cum milking stories.

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