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I would like hunt for lady that True diaper stories tourism

Story Time!!!! By Baby Marky I had a pretty rough growing up. In the beginning I was the baby in the family of 9.

True Diaper Stories

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Newest Posts. First Paci by LilDiaperBoi. In: General Discussion Main. In: Diaper Discussion. Any real stories of getting caught in diapers?

Name: Guinevere
Age: I'm 42 years old
Ethnic: British
I prefer: I like guy
What is my hair: Redhead
My body type: My body type is overweight

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Diaperpunishment stories

Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Your most unbelievable story but true Thread starter ilostthesheriff Start date Oct 2, Status Not open for further Forced shemale sex stories.

Messages Role Diaper Lover. If you believe your diaper related story is almost unbelievable and would like to tell it then this topic is for you. I believe that there are alot of fun stories that fall into this realm and could give some insight to a whole new perspective on understanding the community as a whole.

Please: no exaggerating. This topic must be kept in the unbelievable-but-true realm. Please respect the integrity of it.

As this is in the Off-Topic category please keep it PG. We eventually bought some diapers for me and she has since then indulged my fascination with them by openly suggesting them or "forcing" me into them. She makes me feel comfortable around the subject and has even bought them for me. Cuckold picture story has played the role I had never dreamed of and keeps a small "stash" at her place. The odd thing is that it was a kind of out-of-the-blue kinda thing and she genuinely enjoys my fetish with it.

It blows me away Tickle feet story the random per-chance of it and sometimes wonder if it is more common than I realize. Calico Est. Messages 5, Role Diaper Lover Other. I met my husband who is also into diapers too.

We met on Dailydiapers. He also happened to be a daddy and he had a fantasy about finding a woman who would be his baby Size queen sex stories. I wanted a man who be my daddy and he was it. He has never had a girlfriend before so I was his first one and he was a virgin too. I also had a fantasy of being forced into diapers and my husband finally did it this year. I am posting this hear because what are the odds of this? Beloney Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. That's great your lucky.

I wish my spouse was! Calico said:. Click to expand Lilbaby Est. You are indeed one lucky Women to have a I fucked the babysitter stories Husband. FoxyKitty Est. I met my husband on diaperspace. He lived within an hour from me and there was a lot of charm to him and he seemed really cool and interesting.

I seriously did not think I would have any luck on that site based on the ridiculous of messages I would get per day either with baby talk, crotch shots of men in wet diapers, or demands to chat. During winter break from school he is a teacher he had decided to go on DS after a Cuckold pictures and stories time just to see if there was anyone new in the area.

He started chatting with me and he wasn't even sure if I was real based on all the fake profiles out there.

Diaper confession stories and sins

We exchanged facebook s, phone s, met in a public place, and we hit it right off. We have a lot of common values and interests and we push each other to learn and Mind blowing sex stories new things.

Our relationship is not obsessively based on diapers; it's just something that we adults happen to enjoy behind closed doors. The level of acceptance I've received from my mum and brother about my little side has been unbelievable. I can comfortably chat about Navel kissing stories part of my life with them, I can wear adult baby clothing during video calls, I've been sent a few babyish presents and so on. The numerous stories posted on this forum, alongside the reactions of my AB friends who've seen this relationship in real life, make me appreciate just how rare this is and I feel immensely lucky and privileged to have them :hug:.

Messages 50 Role Diaper Lover. Cottontail Sailing, sailing, I suppose the most but not very unbelievable story related to my diapered persona is this: As a baby, I was diapered in cloth--the old Curity prefolds. My diapers were reused on my little sister, then became household rags. There were dozens of them, however, so many just sat in the rag bins--one bin was in the kitchen closet, one in the garage--and Male sub stories never used I would regularly grab a half-dozen diapers, hide them in my room, and wear but not use them until they were desperately in Femdom diaper stories of cleaning.

Then I'd toss them into the dirty clothes bin in the wash room and go grab some clean ones.

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This went on for about six years. By age 12 or 13, I was taking elaborate measures Md/lg stories pin two or three diapers together to make them fit. I decided it was time to try something else, so Erotic sisterinlaw stories bought my first bag of Pampers, which fit only slightly better. Still, I got hooked, and my use of cloth diapers fell off drastically. By the time I left home for college, I hadn't worn cloth diapers in several years.

Shortly afterwards, I was working in my parents' garage and was struck with the urge to look in Free caning stories old rag bin, if it still existed. I got down under the workbench, slid a few newer boxes aside, and there it was!

And inside? My old diapers, seemingly untouched for almost 20 years!

I borrowed a few of them again. I now have some of the actual diapers I wore as a baby and during the earliest days of my Bdsm denial stories. That's probably somewhat unusual here.

What makes these particular diapers even more special is that they have the large Bedroom stories lingerie in the very corners of the fabric--evidence of my teenaged self doing everything possible to squeeze into them. Some would probably argue that I should just save these like the old security Husband wife panties story they sort of are.

I can't resist, though; I use them as stuffers in my adult cloth diapers quite often. They just don't make 'em as soft as they used to! Astra Banned.