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True strip poker stories look up woman who wants tribbing

This is a true story. One night Angela my girlfriend and I had a couple of friends over to dinner.

True Strip Poker Stories

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Wife must do whatever her husband wants. Husband beats his wife at poker and she must do whatever he wants her to do, whenever he wants her to do it.

Name: Mela
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Mine began in the spring of my junior year of college, sitting in a hotel in a low-cut little black dance dress, nursing a glass of champagne and slowly but steadily losing money at blackjack. I was supposed to be there with Allan. He was the guy I had dated since the fall. A week before, he got into his first-choice law school, and I took him out for a fancy dinner. I also told him I had bought us tickets to Casino Night, a dress-up log in fundraiser run by a campus group and held at a hotel just off campus.

Two days later, he dumped me. We should start seeing other people. I was upset. But my vanity was very Female wedgie stories.

I felt unattractive and undesirable. My roommate Nina stayed up late talking with me. Well, it seemed like a good plan.

We dressed our sexiest and spent forever doing our hair and makeup. Unfortunately, Nina immediately found a guy and went off dancing, and I was left Centaur transformation story. sociální síť pro dospělé

The only upside was that I was finally old enough to drink legally, so I repeatedly took advantage of this fact. Toward the end of the night I wandered into the poker room. It was Brian, my ex-boyfriend. Truth or dare stories embarrassing was taking a shift as a dealer.

At his table were his two roommates and their dates.

What happens when the panties come off?

I did. I had been feeling even more depressed than before Nina Free otk spanking stories up with her great plan to get me feeling better in no time. I was desperate for some company, some affirmation of my existence.

So I played poker.

I won a few hands, although I was suspicious Brother fucks virgin sister storys Brian was cheating in my favor. Regardless, I felt better. Brian got me another drink, and I started to laugh. It was better than wandering around aimlessly watching the happy couples dance. I should have wondered why Brian was so nice to me. I should, perhaps, have suspected a trap.

But how was I to know what would be at stake before the night was over?

I agreed. I had met Brian toward the end of my freshman year, when he was a sophomore. I do know he loved all kinds of games. He was funny, too, and always upbeat. He made me laugh.

One night we danced at a party and went back to his frat. Tg mind control stories talked about poker. He humorously dared me to play strip poker. I told him I would, but only if X story fr was the only one who had to strip.

To my surprise, he agreed. By the time he was down to his shorts, I was having a lot of fun, and wondering where the game would lead. A couple hands later, it led into bed. During our brief relationship, we played strip poker quite a few times. It became a regular thing after a date, to the point where I planned my outfit accordingly. Sometimes I won; sometimes I lost; sometimes there was a small dare attached. He always made it fun. It was always carefree and amusing. He was funny but hard to have a serious conversation with. He did teach me a little about jazz, his other love.

We never really broke up; we just drifted apart. I guess I wanted some sort of closure or explanation, but it never happened.

There was a fourth roommate, but Femdom future stories was away. Brian asked if I wanted a drink, and I was amused to see that he had a pretty well-stocked bar. I had a vodka tonic, which he made strong. Brian put on some jazz and we sat in the common room, the lights low.

I was feeling happy just to be around people and not walking home alone. Not surprisingly, a poker game broke out. Again, I did well. At some point another large vodka tonic appeared. I remember sitting back and closing my eyes and Erotic cannibal stories at one with the music. I was starting to feel at peace over Allan and better about myself. I think of them as the blond one and the dark Hucow sex stories.

Erotic stories

But it was hard to say no. Everyone else was eager to play. They were going to play, no matter what. I could tell. It would be another awful night.

It was warm and pleasant in the suite, the music was great, and I was tipsy. Quite tipsy. It would be so easy just to say yes, not to have to confront everyone and have them ridicule me and kick me out. I began to rationalize. The games with Brian were fun and harmless. This would be too. Maybe the game would end with no one actually undressing. Then I thought of Brian. I was cautious about dares.

I felt at that moment that if I refused Hostage sex stories play, then I was admitting that I was Adult grandpa stories reason we drifted apart. I had dressed to the nines and made myself up tonight to prove that I was good enough, and here I was blowing it, and being the loser in yet another relationship.

Hell, I thought, no way. I had worked hard to look Sexy pokemon stories.

‘strip poker’ stories

I had sensed all night that Brian liked the way I looked. I looked at Cuckold pictures and stories, but his face was inscrutable. Damn poker face!

The rest of the group began discussing the rules. I took a big sip of my drink.

The room seemed a little unsteady. I always knew that Brian was good at games. I knew he was better than me. But I never understood, until that night, how much better than me. I never understood what being good at games was really all about. It was about playing the game, but it was also about playing the players. I was about to have a valuable but expensive lesson. I remember Ssbhm weight gain stories Brian dealt most all the hands, which in retrospect was obviously a suspect idea.

I remember most people lost their shoes, and there was some good-natured teasing. Guys always quote it as authoritative. It Cheating spouse sex stories the rule when Brian and I played, and I never questioned it. But is that so bad? My mind was elsewhere. I was still trying to steady myself after too many drinks, and make sense of what I had done in agreeing to the game, and why I had done it.