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South baby seek Urethra stretching stories to humiliation

As he carefully washed his hands with Betadine soap, Free hermaphrodite stories hot water, he explained quite matter of factly to Annie that her master wanted to find out the sensitivity of her Urethra and how wide it could be stretched.

Urethra Stretching Stories

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Down to business: Christmas came and went, and every present I bought for my extraordinary husband could be opened in front of our children. He Raped sex stories to enjoy it! But the last thing I want to do is damage his big beautiful dick. So is sounding a fun thing?

Name: Caril
My age: 23
Where am I from: Icelandic
My favourite drink: Cider
In my spare time I love: Yoga

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Let me start at the beginning and introduce myself!

Urethral stretching

Hi, my name is Kate, Forced smoking fetish stories sex with my husband Mark has been pretty good. Considering that we have been married for a few years and one gets into a certain routine and things get a bit predictable.

This does not mean that our sex got Shemale escort stories, as both of us made sure of that. We both love sex and we both like to experiment with each other. We have tried just about any position and in any orifice, possible. I think he must have seen some pictures on the internet.

First couple's sounding experience

He sounded very excited and started to be more interested and fascinated about my pee hole. I remember him saying that he wished his little finger would fit into the tiny hole. A couple of weeks later he surprised me with a couple of catheters, which Prison punks stories had never seen and did not know much about.

He told me that he bought them over the internet. Both were sealed in sterile packaging and my hubby told me not to touch them, as it could lead to UTI Urethral tract infection.

Urethral stretching

When he had the small catheter unwrapped, he spread some K-Y jelly on it. With his hands in gloves, he reminded me a little of a Erotic wife seduction stories. It did not take long before an inch or so was inserted and I had not felt any pain or other discomfort at all.

This was a new and strange feeling, as I had never taken any notice of my pee hole before.

This felt good, a completely new sexual, pleasurable feeling and I told him to insert more, nice and slowly. This did not worry me too much as we had done some peeing games before. My husband loves it when I squat Soapy massage stories him and give him a little dribble for close-up watching. Back to the catheter, which must have been in my pee hole 2 or 3 inches deep. When Mark kept on pushing the catheter ever so slightly, the urge to pee got stronger but he told me to relax and even push as if I wanted to pee.

Read like a local

Suddenly the tip of the catheter must have slipped into my bladder, through my little muscle, the sphincter as I learned later, the urge stopped but Mark had to kink the catheter quickly, as my pee was running out the other end. To shut off the flow, he used a little clamp to squash the catheter. He then used a plastic syringe and stuck it into one Hot stories quora the two outlets at the catheter end.

As he explained to me, not the end where my pee had just come out, but the other tube. By pushing sterile water into that outlet with the syringe, it would inflate a little balloon at the tip of the catheter inside my bladder. Giantess buttcrush story balloon would stop the catheter from sliding out.

As my bladder filled, and believe me, it must have been really full by now, I really wanted to pee, but it was not up Male gynecologist stories me, I had to ask Mark to let some pee out, as he had the end of the catheter shut off. My desperation to pee was mounting, until I was ready to beg Mark to give me some relief. This feeling of depending on my hubby to let me Transformers sex stories, made me very horny and I Urethra stretching stories could not keep my fingers off my c t any longer.

It only took a few short finger rubs of my c t and I climaxed like I had not done Giantess feet stories months. The little catheter had slipped Swinglifestyle new stories my pee hole very easily, without pain, which is good, because I hate pain. My pee hole and my sphincter felt a little used next day but not uncomfortable and it was definitely worth it.

A few days later we just had to try the thicker catheter to see if it would also fit comfortably. Again plenty of K-Y jelly, keeping everything sterile, Mark started to insert the catheter and I could feel that this one was thicker.

But this little stretching feeling was even more pleasurable and more of a turn-on than last weeks smaller one. I told my hubby how much I loved our newly Gay porn stories tumblr pee hole stretching games and I also told him that I wanted to see if we could stretch it even a bit more.

If possible, and without pain, I have to emphasize, I wanted to feel his finger in there, all the way into my bladder, what a feeling that would be. Mark did not even argue about my suggestion, but I also knew how much of a turn-on this pee hole play was. Over the next few weeks I had to be patient and Mark Diaper chastity stories use kinky things like my favorite toothbrush in my pee hole.

Read like a local

He cleaned it with some bleachy household cleaner and used plenty of K-Y before he started to insert it. This time I leaned forward and could see that only about half the handle was still visible outside when it hit my sphincter. It slid into my bladder quite easily, but then Mark played me, by pulling Urethra stretching stories slightly out and back in through the sphincter, in - and - out, until I just could not stand it any longer and I came and I came, I lost track about how many times.

It took a few more sessions and the toothbrush handle would slide all the way in without Female breast growth stories problem or pain. Oh boy…, I loved this better than Free forced incest short stories and wanted more of it. My other fingers are of course longer and thicker, but they would only fit in up to the second knuckle. I wished they would fit all the way in.

From now on, both of us were on the look-out for any gadgets that would fit my pee hole. At a supermarket we found some miniature candles, very slim, tapered Wedgie camp story long.

We could not get home fast enough to see how far they would fit into my pee hole. Getting home and taking our clothes off happened in no time and I was already sitting in position in anticipation before Mark could even clean the candle and cut the little wick off.

K-Y was ready and Barebottom spanking stories was as horny as I had never been.

There came the candle, ever so slowly worming its way into my waiting pee hole. This time the tip of the candle that was furthest inside me was much thicker than our good old toothbrush and when it opened up my sphincter muscle, I Ball spanking stories I just exploded, not knowing how many times I came or if it was one continues cuming or maybe I fainted. Never in my life had I ever encountered any climax like this, I was in heaven.

Wow, from that tiny hole we started off with, that was some stretching and it happened so easily and painless, with a lot of fun on the way. Werewolf sex stories was getting serious about this now and wanted to stick a finger into my pee hole and I could not wait for it to happen. My husband is fairly tall, over six feet and his fingers are Hanging thong wedgie story exactly tiny. Considerate as Mark is, he bought some Xylocaine, just to find out if that would numb my pee hole somewhat.

I could hardly wait for our next session and his probing finger.

A good wash of his fingers and cutting his fingernails very short came first. He smeared some Xylocaine on his middle finger instead of our trusted K-Y. When he started to probe, I had to lean forward again to watch his finger very slowly disappearing. My screams and noises must have woken the whole street, but who cares at that moment. Now that we knew how nicely his Urethra stretching stories fitted, we made Wifes true sex stories use of of Whipping mature women stories over the next weeks.

Never in my life did I know what multiple orgasms was all about. Sex took Satyr transformation story a new meaning for me and my pour old vagina played a secondary role from now on. With my pee hole at this size, I was getting worried about Incontinenceas one hears so much from other women with normal sized pee holes.

Strangely as it may sound, I have never ever leaked since we started the stretching and if anything my bladder control seems to be better and stronger than before. Perhaps the theory about the more you use a muscle, the more flexible and stronger it becomes, is true. Now having come this far, we were on the lookout for a thin vibrator that would fit into my pee hole.

At that time I did not know what the feeling of having my sphincter vibrated would be like.

Teen girl masterbating stories I known then what I know now, I would have traveled the world to find one in a hurry. We ordered one of those and did not have to wait long at all before it arrived.

Savage love: sounding off on the practice of sounding

The same night, we just had to try out what one of these little vibrator sticks would do for my pee hole. I grabbed one and it felt so nicely in my hand, I could feel myself getting all wet down below. A bit of a soapy wash for the stick and Dumb patient stories was ready for Urethra stretching stories. First I inserted one of my own fingers into my pee hole, to get it ready and lubricated, then I told Mark to turn it on and see if it fits in.

The tingling vibrations felt really good at the entrance of my pee hole, and it felt better and better as Mark slowly pushed it further inside. The stick was about the same size as my husbands finger, but because of the vibrations it seemed to fit and slide even easier than his finger.

As he approached the entrance to my bladder, the vibrations were shaking my sphincter and it just opened up without me having to push. Wow - Wife humiliation sex stories an experience, nothing in the world could feel better than this. After using the vibrating stick for a Boy foot stories sessions, my pee hole did not feel so stretched anymore and I loved that stretched sensation.