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Urethral Sounding Stories

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Learn More. To determine whether men who perform recreational sounding are at increased risk of engaging in unsafe sexual behaviours, developing sexually transmitted infections STIs and lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS.

We compared ethnodemographic and health-related variables between the sounding and non-sounding populations. There were respondents with complete data, Yoni massage stories who had engaged in sounding were more likely to report certain high risk sexual behaviours e.

Men Tumblr erotic story had engaged in sounding had a slight but statistically ificant increase in LUTS but no ificant difference Chasity belt stories prevalence of ED.

Urethral sounding is a sexual practice that is associated with higher risk sexual behaviour and carries the potential for morbidity. Research on means for risk reduction for men who choose to engage in recreational sounding requires further study. Satisfying sexual function is an important quality-of-life issue and a human right [ 1 ]. There is tremendous diversity in human sexual expression [ 2 — 4 ].

Urethral sounding is the insertion of an object or liquid into the urethra. Sounding may be used in urological surgery for dilatation of strictures or for obtaining access to the bladder. Urethral sounding stories sounding is also performed Cock pacifier story the scope of medical practice by individuals for a variety of reasons. Insertion of objects into the urethra has been associated with accidents as well as a variety of psychological illnesses [ 5 ], but the most common reason reported in the medical literature for deliberate urethral insertion is erotic gratification [ 56 ].

Whereas sounding Natural insemination donor stories medical treatment typically involves the use of sterile metal or plastic dilators, a variety of objects and liquids may be used for the purpose of recreational sounding.

Given the variability in the technique and type of devices used, recreational sounding carries substantial risk of loss of foreign body, UTI, urethral stricture and healthcare expenditures [ 5 ]. Some patients may repeatedly self-injure themselves with foreign bodies to derive gratification from repeated healthcare encounters, much to the frustration and inconvenience of their providers. The majority of the medical literature on urethral sounding is based on case reports of individuals who experienced harm from this practice [ 5 ].

Relatively little is known about the prevalence of sounding in the general population and whether it is associated with additional health risks beyond those that would prompt immediate medical consultation e. A better understanding of risk-taking behaviours that may be more prevalent in people who Forced male nudity stories in recreational sounding Massaging mom story be valuable for the practitioner Free rape fantasy stories treats these patients.

We recently completed a cross-sectional internet-based survey of urinary and sexual wellness of over men who have sex with men MSM. As part of our survey of sexual practices, men were asked if Urethral sounding stories Over the desk spanking stories urethral sounding for sexual gratification.

‘urethral sounding’ stories

Institutional Review Board approval was obtained before initiating the study. We performed a cross-sectional, internet-based survey of urinary and sexual wellness and quality-of-life outcomes in MSM. The cohort was restricted to English-literate, internet-using MSM who were at least 18 years of age. Respondents were informed that they would be asked questions regarding Nylon feet stories sexual and urinary wellness and given the option to decline participation or stop the survey at any time.

To maintain privacy, no personally identifying information was collected. Responses were collected between 19 January and 19 May Subjects who reported that they had engaged in urethral sounding were the sounding group and I have to pee really bad stories who answered no to this question were the non-sounding group.

IPSS is graded on a scale of 0—35 and based on response to seven Likert-style questions on urinary symptoms including frequency, urgency, nocturia, intermittency, weak stream, straining and incomplete emptying.

‘sounding’ stories

Both the standard and the modified IIEF assess five domains of male sexual function, including desire, erectile function, orgasm, intercourse satisfaction and overall satisfaction [ 910 ]. This criterion was used by Coyne et al. Respondents were asked to report their of lifetime sexual partners. For ease of reporting these were grouped by quartiles. Respondents were asked if they used the following recreational drugs: methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy and prescription pills.

Descriptive statistics were used to characterize the study population. A multiple logistic regression model for odds of developing a lifetime STI or UTI were developed with Older women masturbation stories variables selected a priori.

A priori predictors included sounding, age in year increments, lifetime partner count, sex with strangers and Girls going commando stories use.

Sounds like fun

The survey website was accessed by men, of whom A total of Patient demographics and comorbidity data are presented in Table 1. The median age of men in the sounding group was 43 interquartile range 35— The majority of the population were from North America. There were no ificant ethnodemographic differences in the sounding and non-sounding groups, although the differences in Mom son incest storys prevalence approached ificance in both Caucasian higher prevalence of sounding and Hispanic men lower prevalence of sounding.

The sexual risk-taking behaviours are shown in Table 2. Men in the sounding group were more likely to have had a high Erotic slut stories lifetime sexual partners as well as a greater of sexual partners within the last 6 months.

Sounding: pushing a rod up your urethra!

Men in the sounding group were ificantly more likely to report sex with men they did not know well, sadomasochistic activities and anal fisting insertion of a hand into the rectum. Although the rate of illicit drug use was low in both groups, a ificantly greater proportion Hardcore sex stories the sounding group had used methamphetamine or ketamine more than once in the past year.

There was no ificant difference in the proportion of men who had a regular partner, nor was there a difference in the rate of condom usage between the groups. Data on sexually and Cuckold chasity stories transmitted UTIs is shown in Table 3.

History of STI, non-sexually transmitted UTIs, prostatitis, urinary and sexual Chasity belt stories stratified by history of urethral sounding. Validated survey outcomes of urinary and sexual health are shown in Table 3.

Mean IPSS was slightly but ificantly higher in men from the sounding group 7.

Interestingly, while the sounding group was more likely to have used PDE5 inhibitors to facilitate erection, the non-sounding group was more likely to have sought medical help Hair perm stories sexual problems. High risk sexual behaviours were Locker room shower stories prevalent in the group of men who had engaged in sounding; as might be expected, this population was also more likely to report STIs and non sexually-transmitted UTIs. While there was no ificant difference in the rate of ED between groups, the use of erectogenic medication was more frequent in the sounding group.

Dramatic or severe sounding-related injuries Niece blowjob story likely to prompt presentation to a healthcare entity and it is from these episodes that much of the biomedical literature on this topic is derived [ 5 ]. There has been scant formalized research into health among practitioners of urethral sounding.

‘sounding’ stories

It is not Husband castration stories to hypothesize that many recreational sounding episodes do not result in immediate or even prompt presentation to a healthcare entity; however, whether the practice of sounding predisposes an individual to greater long-term morbidity is unclear. Practitioners of sounding were also more likely to have engaged in a of higher risk sexual behaviours. In addition, in a multivariate logistic regression model, sounding was predictive Female exhibitionist stories infectious events.

A recent internet-based study by Rinard et al.

Sounds like fun

Of this population, 11 had inserted liquids retrograde into their urethras and 62 had inserted solid objects into their urethras. Thirty-three men had used actual urethral sounds, while a variety of other household objects ed for the remainder of items inserted. The majority of these men Sissy baby humiliation stories few or only minor complications.

It is likely that there is a substantial overlap in the population of men with genital piercings and the Smelly fart fetish stories that engages in urethral sounding but this cohort may not be entirely representative of men who engage in sounding. The data from Rinard et al. While it is impossible to determine from these data if sounding is the direct cause of Adult pee stories urological morbidity in this dataset, it is clear that men who engage in sounding are more likely to engage in risky behaviours.

While the safest approach in patient management would be to recommend avoiding sounding altogether, this may not be acceptable Gay mpreg sex stories or followed by men True amatuer sex stories find intense gratification from this practice. In such circumstances, education on risk reduction, e.

This approach maximizes respect for individuals and is likely to lead to greater treatment adherence. This is similar Urethral sounding stories concept to recommending abstinence or monogamy as the safest sexual practice but suggesting condoms as a risk-reducing alternative for patients who are not abstinent or monogamous [ 11 ]. Some have advocated obtaining a mental health referral for patients who present with a urethral foreign body [ 12 ].

Interestingly, similar prevalence of depression was seen in both groups from our study. With drug usage more common in the sounding group, screening for drug abuse and subsequent referral for substance abuse treatment could benefit those who seek medical attention for a sounding-related issue.

Urethral stories

In the end, clinical judgment must Angel wife stories used to determine if such referral services are required; it is clear that well-adjusted men without ificant mental illness may engage in sounding and the practice is not Big little sister growth story facto evidence of psychopathology.

Several important limitations of the present study should be mentioned. First, the cross-sectional nature of the dataset makes causal inferences problematic. The frequency, nature and context of urethral insertion history was not fully characterized. In addition, non-response bias and volunteer bias may diminish the applicability of our to the general MSM population.

Kate’s urethral dilation story – part two

In particular, MSM who do not read or use computers or cannot read English are Wife feminizes husband stories. Men who do not have sex with men were excluded from this study and therefore these findings may not generalize to the broader population.

Internet-based surveys are also susceptible to the false reporting of data [ 13 ]. In conclusion, urethral sounding for sexual gratification is or has been used by a small but ificant minority of the MSM population. This activity may be associated with greater risk of infectious morbidity. Education on safer sex practices including safer sounding may have a Gangrape sex stories influence on patient well-being.