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I liked Vault 69 story men that loves reading

Scott is in a strange room.

Vault 69 Story

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This story will be fan fiction in the world of Fallout. It will be centered on Vault 69; which is the vault with female occupants and only a single male occupant.

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There are six hundred and twelve rooms in the world. It might seem like a lot, but Flesh light stories six hundred and twelve rooms for a thousand people, especially when there are eighty kitchens, forty bathing facilities, and one room which opens up only once a day with supplies. We all woke up here with no memories of any prior world.

We remembered our names, how to read and write, stuff like that. But other than that? My name is Gerald Howzer. That took me a while to remember.

I also remembered that I shouldn't be naked. I walked around, and saw women scrambling around. There was some panic, some arguing, and others just efficiently looking Satanic sex stories. They were naked too. The women were aged twelve to fifty five. All colors, shapes, and sizes. Within a week, I had a lover.

She was named Marcella, a beautiful woman with an accent I felt I should be able to place. Hot stories episodes a month, we lived in my room, at the time on the ground floor out of the ten.

It had great lighting, and a comfortable bed. A week later, Marcella was dead. Fell off the tenth floor railing. Everyone knew she was Dont cum inside me stories. That's when the government started. Rationing out food fairly helped. Nightly patrols, to keep the peace. A legal system, with the lockable room used as a prison.

I was a judge. Judge Howzer.

Somehow it felt natural. Of course, there were some troubles. Yes, I took lovers, keeping it casual. After a few months, one of the women Yoni massage stories pregnant. It really didn't take a genius to figure who was the father. I was actually proud.

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Jamie, gorgeous little thing. At seventeen, and with all the enthusiasm in the world. She was beaten to death within a day once the rumor got Son helping mom pee stories. This time the killer was caught. The trial was pandemonium. She said that it's unfair.

The never ending quest - episode

She wanted to be a mother too, but I turned her Weird transformation stories. Why should all the pretty ones get a chance to be mothers, while the rest were to not be allowed even that? She was locked away for being a murderer. Everyone hated her.

It took a year, but the revolution happened. The current regime solved all the issues. I now live in a lockable room. They lock it from the outside.

Every day I get two to five visits. Until the woman is satisfied, I don't get water or food.

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I tried to resist, but they punished me. I don't want to talk about that. I've been having sex with everything. I felt unclean the first time a twelve year old girl came. By the time the woman in her fifties came, I didn't even bat an Dirty panty sniffing stories. My body was used to working on demand. I remember Marcella a lot lately.

We'd talk. I made her laugh. She made me smile. In a perfect world, we'd still be in our room, maybe raising. I've never met of mine.

I've been in this room for ten Forced chastity belt stories now. A few of the women talk to me. Most don't, or address me as "you" and then dole out commands. From what I understand, it's fairly peaceful.

We're six hundred and ninety strong. Eighty three of those are my children. The boys have all vanished. The Women pegging men stories that followed that caused a lot of deaths. Someone should be coming soon, and I must put back this journal back into it's hiding place.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry Marcella. I'm sorry Jamie.

To all my daughters, know that my biggest fear Passionate sexual stories the day when you walk through that door. I love you all. The only cannon things we know about Vault 69 is that there where women and 1 man. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. The last room? That one's mine.

It's the biggest room, and is the only one with a lockable door. But her words took root. A YouTuber by the name of Cyael read this story aloud. Likes