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Werewolf Sex Stories

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This is a work of complete Naked girl stories. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story Werewolf sex stories a parody of any real or fictional person.

Comments are always welcome and appreciated. Anita Blake, necromancer and local supernatural executioner lay on her Wwe diva sex stories back in the dark wood. Her blouse and bra had been torn away, exposing her large breasts to the pale moon light. Her skirt and panties had been yanked down her legs, leaving her in only her black, sheer stockings.

Her full, plump ass was being ground into the cool ground as a werewolf raped himself inside Naughty mormon stories vulnerable pussy. The werewolf placed one furred hand on her shoulder, holding her down while his other hand gripped and squeezed one of her heavy tits.

And she was loving it. Earlier in the evening Anita, having John d muscle stories ties to the local werewolf clan and being a Feet humiliation stories magic user, had come out to the woods to help some of the local werewolves draw power from the full moon. The werewolves had been having difficulties controlling their urges in their wolf forms and she had agreed to try to help them perform a spell to gain control so she had come straight from work as a necromancer and had been wearing a dark jacket with a white blouse and a matching skirt.

She had originally been expecting to meet one of her lovers, Jean-Claude, after the ceremony and had dressed more appropriately underneath her work clothes.

Anita had been wearing a black, quarter cup bra under her blouse, the lacy, black material had pushed her large tits up and out to creat a nice expanse of smooth, creamy cleavage and left her nipples bare against the blouse. Even though hiking through the woods was hard to do wearing the pumps, Anita had enjoyed the naughty thrill of her exposed nipples scrapping against the inside of her blouse and the cool breeze blowing up her skirt and across her barely covered pussy lips.

Every step through the dark woods that Anita took had caused her large tits to jiggle in her sexy bra, her nipples quickly hardened as they scraped against the silky material Interracial wife swap stories her blouse.

Her hard nipples poked against her blouse and she had enjoyed the quick stares the werewolves had been giving her ample chest. As she had continued walking, she had to bend over to make her way Groping mom stories the brush every once in a while and gave the werewolves behind her quick flashes of her exposed ass-cheeks and snug fitting thong. She had been grinning like a Cheshire cat as she felt the wolves staring at her, her pussy moistening at the lustful feelings throbbing through Shrink ray stories body.

She was a well-built young woman, just over 5 ft. When the group had reached the Straight guys having gay sex stories in the woods Anita had felt Werewolf sex stories wolves staring at her body and felt a twinge of lust shoot Mutual mastrubation stories her when she looked around and had realized that all the wolves were all male.

As the ceremony started she had removed her jacket and watched Wedgie stories fiction girl all Embarrassing prom stories wolves had disrobed and had tried to count how many werewolves were with her but kept Horse x reader lemon distracted by all the naked male flesh. Starting the ceremony Anita had raised her arms up, causing her heavy breasts to pull up high and tight on her impressive chest and had felt the power being called down from the moon as it began filling her and the circle with warmth.

With a mixture of fear and arousal Anita had watched as the werewolves stared at her vulnerable body and their naked cocks rose up in excitement. The wolves lunged at her but quickly ran into each other and began fighting, and as they began ripping into each other one of the werewolves had broken away and tackled Anita as she tried to escape. Anita had begun panting and squealing at the unwanted feelings coursing through her body.

Her molested tits had begun to burn with excitement as the werewolf continued to suck and lick them, causing her tits to glisten with warm saliva in the cool moon light. With one of his furred hands, the werewolf ran up between her stocking clad thighs, pass the smooth material to her wet cunt. The sounds slowly became a mix of despair and lust. Her body had gone limp as the werewolf pulled his tongue from her mouth. It licked the side of her face and down into the cleavage of her naked chest.

As Anita relaxed in the dirt of the cold ground, the werewolf quickly pulled down her skirt and panties and Forced haircut stories exposed her wet and swollen pussy. Werewolf sex stories could only stare in lust and despair as the werewolf stared back at her body with hunger: her long, dark and messed hair; full, wet lips; large, Barnyard sex stories and saliva slick breasts; and wet, dripping pussy.

She groaned in the back of her throat as the werewolf positioned his cock at the entrance of her vulnerable cunt. The angry red slab of meat had looked about the size of her forearm and the head had been nearly the size of her fist. She began to scream as the werewolf had begun to penetrate her.

She had gasped and held her breath as the wolf continued to enter her, her pussy squeezed down hard on the impossibly large, raping cock. She had felt every hard inch of the cock as it slid deep into her, it filled her completely as it slid past the wet walls of her tight pussy.

The werewolf had seemed to take forever before he was finally buried inside of his victim.

‘werewolf’ stories

She had held her breath as the werewolf leaned over her body and ran his tongue over her impressive chest. Anita finally gasped aloud as the werewolf had begun molesting her chest and had begun to grind against her groin and clit. The werewolf started slowly pulling out of her cunt, spilling her juices down between her ass-cheeks and forming a puddle on the ground. When the werewolf had nearly pulled completely out of her, he quickly thrust back into his victim and caused her to scream out again.

The werewolf had quickly begun to thrust in and out of Anita, quickly raping in and out of the young woman. With every thrust, the werewolf had ground against her clit, causing her to grunt and moan in unwanted pleasure as she began to enjoy her rape Barberette haircut story and more.

She wrapped her arms Gangbang whore stories stocking encased legs around her werewolf assailant, thrusting her hips up to meet the Werewolf sex stories cock and trying to cram as much of the hot meat into her drooling cunt as she could. She would grind her groin against the werewolf with every thrust as he fucked himself into her again and again. Anita Drunk wives sex stories felt the pressure build in her again as she Hedonism sex story another orgasm, her legs squeezed themselves around her rapists ass as he plunged in her greedy pussy.

She threw her head to one side as she began to scream with pleasure when suddenly her mouth was filled with another thick cock.

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The second werewolf had grabbed one of her hands and wrapped her fingers around his swinging ball sack. Both of the werewolves continued to thrust Punished wife stories her now willing body again and again, raping into her warm and wet holes. She had continued to scream against the rape in her mind, Werewolf sex stories her body responded Friend zone stories the hard fucking the werewolves were giving her.

She needed cum, needed the werewolves to cum inside her and fill her totally with their seed. Both werewolves pulled their large cocks out of Anita and caused strings of drool and pussy juice to fall from her abused mouth and cunt. The fur had scraped against her molested breasts, scrapping against the hard, pink nipples and had caused the young woman to start to rub her overly sensitive chest against his to try and create as much friction as possible.

She groaned in the back of her throat as she slid slowly down the hard shaft. This content Werewolf sex stories first on new Forced incontinence story story. Anita screamed as the werewolves set a pace of hard and ragged fucking, abusing and using her body as they raped into her again and again. Giantess feet stories werewolves had quickly set up their own rhythm, as one cock slid out of her abused cunt the other cock would slid in her clutching ass, in and out at an impossibly fast tempo.

Her jiggling tits rubbed up against the chest of the werewolf raping into her greedy cunt, her hard nipples screaming as they grazed against the course fur. Her clutching ass-cheeks were being rubbed raw by the fur of the wolf raping into her ass as it continued to pummel into her again and again. Her thighs and hips were burning with being Accidental anal story so far around one wolf and then being slammed forward by the force of the other.

The werewolf - sex stories

She had found herself actually enjoying the little bit of pain it brought. She had actually gotten off on the pain of being raped by those two monsters. Car cranking stories a sudden lurch Anita had begun thrusting her hips forward and back, desperately trying to Dd lg stories the rhythm of the wolves that were fucking her two holes.

She tightened her thighs around the wolf pounding into her cunt, scrapping her groin against him and rubbing her erect clit against the course fur. As Anita thrust her ass back against the wolf behind her, her Werewolf sex stories had rubbed down on the fur of the wolf in front of her. That was it for her, not her rape by these two monsters or the fact that she had once again become in the grip of her least wanted power, it was the need to cum. The need to use those two cocks that had buried themselves inside of her to cum.

And not just herself, she had needed to feel these cocks throbbing inside of her and to feel them cum and fill her with their hot seed.

‘werewolf sex’ stories

101 erotic stories had cum. She locked her arms and legs abound the wolf fucking her cunt and squeezed and screamed with all her might as her pussy and asshole had gripped both Tumblr nude beach stories the impossibly large cocks inside of her. She wrapped her nude body against the werewolf in front of her, her large, creamy breasts pressed against his chest and her clit pressed against the fur of his groin as she had buried her face into his neck and screamed with pleasure as her juices covered her rapists cocks as they had continued to Werewolf sex stories into her.

Her body had begun to shake and jerk at the extreme pleasure it had received and caused all three of them to crash onto the ground. She began to scream at the pain but her voice was muffled as the wolf still buried in her pussy had landed on top of her and pushed his large cock farther Stories of sons fucking their mothers the young woman.

As the top wolf began to move itself off of her, she had begun gasping for air by turning her head to the side but as she filled her lungs with air the wolves had begun thrusting themselves in her again and caused her to scream into the night. She had become fully aware that she was being raped, raped Plant sex story two monsters she had been trying to help. Her dark eyes glazed over as she tried to put out of her mind the two hard cocks beating into her ass and pussy.

She had tried to not feel the hot flesh of the wolf underneath her as he Werewolf sex stories out her tiny ass or the feel of his fur rubbing back and forth against her tender ass-cheeks. And then she began to cry. Cry because she Diapered teens stories helpless, powerless and once again had begun to feel her body respond to her rape.

Her head Tumblr incest story to the side as she had begun sobbing in despair and moaning in pleasure as she was violated again and again. She closed her eyes, hoping to dream about anything other than her own enjoyment at her rape. And then her mouth was filled with cock. She had tried to scream but could only gag around the thick slab of meat pushing itself past her lips and tongue and into her throat. She had no idea how long the cock in her mouth was but it had felt like it was half way down into her chest. It was all she had cared about, she just had needed a cock and then she had three.

Loved the feeling of her greedy cunt filled with cock, her tight ass being stretched Little sister naked stories the limit with cock, and her mouth and throat swallowing yet even more cock. She had needed it, needed to get fucked, get raped, hard.