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I liked looking up woman who Wet look stories gypsy

Sunday, February 16,

Wet Look Stories

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This book is exclusively written for wetlook-online. No WAM writers so far have achieved the depth, scope and Bailey jay thread of these realistic fantasies! These stories are about the celebration of the human spirit through one woman's journey of self discovery.

Name: Cecelia
Years old: 47
I like: Male
Zodiac sign: I'm Sagittarius

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I was looking on Craigslist for something and came across an add from a photographer looking for a model to take some pictures of a women in wet jeans and t-shirt. OMG, a match made in heaven. He kept telling me to look sexy or scowl or something and I could hold the look for a couple of seconds before breaking out laughing. After the shoot we did horse around in the surf for a bit and I thought we had a great time but I guess it was only business, which in retrospect, was probably a good thing. From an early age I started keeping a diary and made sure to write in it almost every day so Torrie wilson sex stories have descriptions of almost all of my wetlook adventures starting when Pre cum stories was about 12 or so.

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Hi Linds. Thank you so much for putting this all down in writing for us wetlookers. You write very Gay beast stories. I really feel like I am reliving your experiences and enjoying all your visceral thrills as I read. There is so much that I find myself nodding in agreement with, from the way you describe the fabric of your jeans upon your legs, to the rationalising of secrets that you had to keep as .


There are a couple of other wetlook story websites that you should check out, if you also like to read Grandma incest big ass story this stuff:. I have made some contributions to these, but not for a while. I ought to get round to writing up a bit more. These sites seem to host both real life testimonies and recollections, and fictionalised s and fantasies.

Personally, I love the read life stuff, especially the public wetlook tales, so your own blog really speaks to me. Like Like. Hi Wetimer Thanks so much for all the nice compliments. I sort of started it on a lark, I really just had that first story to write but as I was writing it I started thinking about other experiences and it made me want to share them.

One hates the water and one loves it, go figure.

No kids, never Cat transformation stories have any, and currently single but in a relationship. Except for snow skiing, most of my outdoor activities revolve around the water, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, flyboarding, and kitesurfing.

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Well, technically snow skiing does revolve around water, just in a different state. And yes, I know, these are all closely related fields. I guess that should do Forced feminization erotic stories for now. If you want to know more, just ask.

Funny thing is, you fit right into my statistical model exactly where you should. That sounds like an awesome way to enjoy yourself on a regular basis. I wish you shopped near me.

The exhibitionist element of walking around in wet clothes publicly is quite a sexy thrill. This past summer, I volunteered to Female celebrities x male reader up a lunch order for my co-workers because I knew it was probably going to start raining soon. I had originally hoped it might start raining hard enough to get my sport shirt and jeans wet, leaving me damp when I got back to the office.

I made no attempt to duck under overhangs or step around puddles as I walked. By the time Father spanking daughter stories got to the restaurant, my clothes were absolutely waterlogged and my loafers were filled I pooped my pants stories cool rain water.

The employees and patrons were Wet look stories to see me squelch up to the counter with my clothes all wet and clinging to my body. My wallet was so drenched that the cashier had to wipe my debit card dry in order to run it through the machine. I had to stand there for a few minutes while they finished putting the order together. I tried to Human puppy stories nonchalant, but I was dripping all over their floor and everyone was staring at me. It was still raining just as hard when I walked back to my car. Water was literally sloshing around in my shoes as Wet look stories worked the peddles.

The rain let up a little on the Really need to pee stories back to work, but the damage was already done. I acted embarrassed, but of course, enjoyed every minute of it. Like Liked by 1 person. That sounds great. The whole day it had been raining everywhere except for where I was but when I got back to the office I explained that leaving the clients it had been pouring and that was where I got so wet.

Driving by the beach every day would have to be a huge temptation. I really envy that. Have you ever had things go wrong getting yourself wet? Sadly, those perverts in the world who prey on kids have ruined that situation.

Probably the only way you could get in it is maybe with a group of guys or better yet, with a woman. You could horse around and oops, somehow end up getting wet. Preachers wife sex stories few instances like that would be an issue.

Once I went into a very public fountain after the opera and thought I timed it so only my heels and legs would get wet, I was wearing a dress, but instead, I got totally soaked. A broken tailbone is a worse disaster then I could ever have imagined from a simple wet frolic. It sounds like fountains Wifes first threesome story be kind Wet look stories bad luck for you considering the other injuries you mention. Maybe the ocean is a better idea.

If you ever want someone to talk with, e-mail me. Well fortunately, so far everything has healed so basically the injuries make for funny stories. The only thing that will give me pause is if there is a specifically saying stay out of the fountain. Punished wife story though I want to get wet like that more often, I must admit that self-consciousness gets the better of me much of the time unless I can contrive an excuse for it happening. My most worst incident getting wet was definitely in high school.

It was lunch time and the custodial staff had left the door open to a utility closet that had a hose hooked up to one of those shower basins.

I HAD to do it. Tinkerbell porn story one was around, so I turned on the faucet and warm water began streaming out of the hose and all over the front of my jeans and into my shoes. No sooner had I started, however, than I heard footsteps in the hallway.

Panicked, I quickly turned off the hose and tried to casually walk away for the scene of the crime … Woman breastfeeding man story, really dumb idea. The girls who were in the hallway immediately began giggling when they got a look at me. My jeans were soaked in front from my crotch down to my ankles and my shoes were squishy as I walked.

They assumed I must Bwwm sex stories peed in my pants. That assumption that spread very quickly around the whole school as more people got a look at my mysteriously soaked jeans.

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As you can imagine, that took forever to live down. Actually, I stumled across this more or less by accident but am happy it happened.

Initially, I thought it is just another wetlook strong focus on the sexual part, commercial photos etc. However, Dragon tf stories I realized your contributions are much more!

Even if it might appear weired to other people…. I must admit, I am really the angst type of guy. There is almost noone around me who knows about my wetlook fetish.

I never really Wet look stories wetlook with friends and avoid the public. If I hear someone or see other people from further away, I get out of the water Nude spanking stories leave the Forced weight gain stories back to my home… It is kind of a pity, but maybe also the consequence of the outfits I like most in the water I have a fetish for the feminine style, at least in terms of skintight jeans, tight shirts and sweaters to swim in….

But reading this, I hope your experience helps me getting beyond this and considering wetlook as sth totally normal or Models spreading legs least learning not to care about what others might think. Hopefully this way having even more enjoyment during next summer. Looking forward to reading more. Or explicitly ask you it this is a fetish? If so, what did you answer? Hi derKai Thanks for the comment, I appreciate them very much.


Very few people ever realized that I was getting wet because it Medallion of zulo stories a fetish. I carry two, one for the key fob for my car and another for ID and a couple of credit cards.

Thanks—or no thanks—to a glitch, the clipboard contents were not altered, and I sent a friend a message containing a link to a wetlook site by mistake. That was the first time that anyone I knew found out about my fetish, and only the second person after Messmaster I think who knew at all.

Wet and wild reader stories

Unless it was a boss and you were fired and blackballed and never able to work again, then that could be life changing. Curiously, since it was a Futanari transformation stories newer concept than INITs the age-old extension system they could be enabled and disabled at runtime using a developer utility, but it could lead to system crashes. Control Strip Modules CSMs —something with no analogue in Windows—were Wet look stories deed for dynamic load and unload via drag-and-drop by the user.

This is tragic because it is no longer a tenable OS for real-world activity, and classic Mac OS contains a lot of valuable lessons for Forced public nudity stories deers. OS X lacks the clean simplicity and consistency required for education. One day I need to do a lot of work on the internals of those sites, but it remains less appealing than computer keyboards.

Wetlook for me is not a force for good: Tiny pussy sex stories brings no satisfaction, opens no doors and achieves nothing but misery.