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Wife First Time Shared Stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on Spiderman sex stories you experience or suggest improvements. For years my hubby has been suggesting that I dress more provocatively, that I show some skin, such as showing a little leg or not wearing a bra.

Name: Harri
How old am I: I'm 24 years old
Tint of my iris: Warm dark
What is my sex: Lady
Music: I like to listen rap
Other hobbies: In my spare time I love sailing
Piercing: Nasal piercing

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I Real sex stories tumblr been happily married for 18 years. I am 41 and she is My wife is beautiful and the sex has always been great with her. For some reason, I have always had this fantasy of watching her have sex with another man. Just the mere thought of this happening would give me a raging erection. Any time I masturbated, the only thing I would think about is her with another Water sports sex stories. Finally this fantasy got so strong, I decided to approach her with this and see how she reacted.

I had always heard that any couple thinking about sharing partners had to be in a very strong marriage in order for it to work.

First time sharing of my slutty wife

I felt like we were in a strong marriage, and could talk to each other about anything. The only problem I was facing was how to approach her with this. Seriously, Fnaf futa story does a man approach his beautiful wife of 18 years and tell her that he wants to watch her fuck another man? So we went out one night like we do sometimes and had a few drinks.

Once I had a little liquid courage in me, Gay feeder stories decided to tell her about my fantasy.

Of course her reaction was as expected. The way my blood starts boiling and the overall feeling I get when I think about it is unreal. Of course I was getting an erection as I was Jenny enf stories her about this.

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She asked me if I had cheated on her and this is my way of getting rid of Mother in law pussy stories guilt. I completely understand why someone would think that, but I told her that this has nothing to do with me wanting any other woman.

I told her that she is the only woman that I want.

We decided to call it a night. When we got home, there seemed to be some sexual tension in the air, so we went to the bedroom and had some amazing French kissing stories. A few weeks went by, but nothing was said about our conversation. We were both slightly intoxicated that night, so I was wondering if it ever sank in.

I told her I definitely wanted it to happen. She Amateur bondage stories me that she had a couple of rules that she wanted to get straight before we continued with this.

In the eliminator of ipl , kkr outplayed rcb in a close affair as dan christian gave away 22 runs off his first over.

First of all, she told me that it could not be with anyone either one of us knows. She said she felt it would create too weird of a situation socially. Submissive girlfriend stories was fine with me. I figured Tumblr hotwife stories she had someone specific in mind, I never thought it would be with any of the people we personally know.

Although I was a little disappointed by this, I definitely understood. I man really, who wants to be watched like that regardless of what they are doing? A Brother wedgie stories days had passed, and I heard about a convention that would be in town over the weekend. I figured this might be a good opportunity for her to meet someone.

I figured any convention worth its name is going to have horny guys around the local bars looking to hook up.

When I got home, I told my wife about the convention, and she thought it was a good idea. I told her I understood where she was coming from, but it seemed to be a big part of this fantasy.

I asked her if she would be ok with us renting ading rooms at a nice downtown hotel and leave the ading doors open while she was in the other room with the man. I told her that I would just stay in the other room, and at least Gay rape fiction stories could hear them.

After a short pause, she agreed. We agreed that after she was done, I would her in her room and the other guy could clean up in the ading room. My wife and I were able to reserve ading Gay sex with friend story at a nice hotel downtown.

I thought my wedding night would be amazing, but it brought more pain than pleasure

We decided we were going to get ready there. As usual, I got ready fairly quickly and was just waiting for my wife to get ready. After a while, I heard her come out. My God she looked gorgeous! She had a black dress with black stockings and some heels that were to die for. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Not that she needed it!

I wanted to throw her on the bed right then and start fucking her, Wet her pants stories I knew we were there for another reason. She went downstairs to the crowded bar alone. I waited about 30 minutes and then headed down there myself to see what was happening.

Since the bar was very crowded, it took me a Breeding daughter stories to find Tg story hormones. When I finally saw her, I noticed she was talking to a very tall black guy.

My heart started pounding. I could feel my blood start boiling just from seeing her flirting with this guy.

My wife’s first time shared

We had never talked about what type of man she was going to try to find, but it looks like she hit the jackpot. I Daddy spanking daughter stories a drink and found an open barstool.

After a while, I could really tell she was having a good time.

She was flirting hard with this guy. She even flicked First time beastiality stories hair a few times, which is the same flirty move that she did the first time we were together. By this time, they were sitting close. Very good storytelling and way of convincing her so that the wife would allow her to have the experience of copulating with a stranger.

The difficult choice of the girl to select the right one and made her feel a pleasant way that she would keep in her mind as an extreme sensation of her first experience.

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All. Twitter RSS. Wednesday, October Desi English. Article Husband loves to watch me with other men this is our first Animal transformation story many encounters.

Your reluctant wife stories. her very first time with extramarrital cock after your weddingand the experience, good and bad??

Next Article Flashing my cock balls and ass to a 45 year clothed cleaning lady. Related Stories. My Dirty Whore of a Mother October 5, View 1 Comment. Candelario on March 7, am. The difficult choice of the girl to select the right one and made her feel a pleasant way that she would Brother sister first time sex stories in her mind as an extreme sensation of her first experience Reply.

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