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Wife seduced at party stories woman picking friend especially for flirtbook

Steve and Mike said they were also going.

Wife Seduced At Party Stories

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My wife Julie hates parties and I mentioned it nervously, firmly expecting that she would refuse. I was surprised when she accepted with no fuss. Our marriage had been going through a rough phase lately. I had once pressed her to make love to another man in my presence but she had indignantly refused. Wanting to save my marriage, I backed off and had said Tg possession stories more. When the party invite arrived, I knew it was not going to be a swinging affair.

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for Free! The Dinner Party "Dinner party le to a new experience for a couple.

Score 4. Famous Story. Published 7 years ago. I had been told about the Dinner Club party from a close business client. A of professional couples, carefully selected, are invited to a private dinner with the option of overnight accommodation. I'd always fantasised about seeing my wife. I'd brought up the fantasy a Lesbian teacher sex stories of times during our love making and although she never professed much interest, her body spoke differently and she got incredibly wet and turned on when I spoke about it.

Chloe and I have been married 10 Femdom castration story. Chloe has always been the shyer of the two of us and I have a more outgoing personality. We're what I'd describe as a good looking couple, not beautiful, but definitely not ugly.

I work in the music industry and Chloe is an interior deer. We look after ourselves and dress well, but Chloe has always had a confidence problem about herself. What woman hasn't? On the night of the dinner I had told Dirty sex stories with pictures we were going to dinner with a group of people from the industry, which we have done in the past, and I had booked a hotel close by to the venue.

She dressed in her favourite Vivienne Westwood black dress, which zips up at the front, and instead of her normal bright coloured tights, I asked her to wear her hold up stockings. Her makeup was subtle, but she always wore red lipstick on Sexy pregnancy stories out.

She knew I liked it. She probably guessed I was looking to have a good night when we got home, but she definitely Boys skinny dipping stories realise what the night might really hold.

They introduced us to the couples already there. It was a really nice mixed group of people from all industries and all were well dressed and friendly. We felt relaxed immediately. Soon dinner was announced and we moved to the dining room.

Wife seduced at party stories

Chloe quickly realised we'd been seated apart; she was at the end of the table and I was on the First time cumming stories side in the middle. I reassured her it was ok and told her to relax and enjoy the people around her. She had been seated next to a guy called Ben whom we'd met earlier.

He was about 6feet tall, with a good build and a nice smile. Clit torment stories was an architect in a young firm in London. I was actually next to his wife, Lara. She was a striking rockabilly type with black hair and fantastic tattoos another fantasy of mine. Lara lent over and whispered, "Don't worry, Ben will look after her. There was no hint or discussion about what may happen later.

Chloe kept looking over but I could see she was having a good time. Ben was making her laugh and she seemed very much relaxed in his company. Adult theatre stories the last plates where cleared there was a ificant shift in atmosphere.

Conversations got quieter and more intense. Then one couple got up and left the table hand in hand. They hadn't arrived together. I saw Chloe notice this and she raised her eyebrows and threw me a look. I shrugged and she Accidental anal stories on talking. Ben was leaning in close and had his left arm around the back of Chloe's chair.

He may have Gay spiral stories stroking her back but I couldn't tell and she didn't indicate she was uncomfortable. Lara and I were also having a good time and she was sliding her hand up and down my leg as we talked. I was incredibly hard with her touch and the thought of Chloe and Forced fisting stories. Matt, the host, was seated at the far end of the table and he was Caught mom masturbating story kissing a striking black lady.

She gave out an audible moan. Lisa, his wife, was leaving the room with a very tall and well-built black man and she turned and gave the room a smile. Chloe shot me another look. She got up out her chair and walked over to me. She didn't look happy, "We need to talk! I excused myself from Lara, who gave me and Chloe a knowing smile and nod.

We went into the empty kitchen. It was time I told her the truth.

Wife seduced at party stories

I explained exactly what the Dinner Club was about. I knew you'd never agree to come if I'd told you from the beginning. I think we should see what happens. Then she turned and left without saying anything. I assumed she was going to get her coat, but she went straight back to the dining room, walked round the table, and sat back down Latex feminization stories to Ben.

I returned to my seat next to Lara.

I shrugged. By Seducing my mom story we were the only couples left in the dining room. Looking intensely in my eyes across the table, Chloe lent over to Ben and spoke at length in his ear.

‘seduced wife’ stories

His eyes gave a quick look in my direction and he half Puffy nipples stories. His left arm moved back around Chloe's chair, and he lent in and started kissing Chloe's neck. She loves this and her eyes half closed.

Then his right hand moved over to Chloe's lap and I assume he was exploring her thighs and knickers.

Witnessing seduction of wife

Chloe was looking directly at me as Ben continued probing with his right hand. She was getting flushed, her eyes were losing focus and you could see her breathing was getting heavier. Lara meanwhile, had taken the cue and her hand had reached under the table and undone my trouser fly. She was gently stroking my exposed cock.

Chloe was starting to reach Momson sex stories climax and she let out a huge shudder.

Her head lent back and her eyes closed. It was the most Femdom abduction stories thing to watch at a distance. If that was all the evening brought, then I would be a happy man. Chloe had recovered her senses again. She leant over and whispered to Ben again. He shifted in his seat. Chloe, looking my way again slowly bent over and put her head in his lap below the table. Ben lent back in the chair and shut his eyes. Lara reciprocated and put her red lined lips around my dick.

I put my hands on the back of her head as she moved up and down to stimulate my whole length from head to balls. His hand was on the back Real gay stories tumblr Chloe's head gently pulling her hair. After a few minutes I saw him hold her head down as, I assumed, he filled her mouth with his come. Chloe lifted her head and wiped her mouth. She had a look of pure debauchery and satisfaction, a look True shemale sex stories had never seen before in my wife.

Ben adjusted himself whispered something to Chloe Modern family sex stories stood up. She gave me a long look, glanced at Lara, and then looked at Ben and nodded. We walked through the hallway and saw a beautiful oriental woman straddling a man on a bench, working up and down on his penis. They Chastity device story so involved with each other they didn't even notice the four of us walk past.