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Transformation into wolves is a favourite subject of Irish legend, and many a wild tale is told Rapid pregnancy story the peasants round the turf fire in the winter nights of strange adventures with wolves. Stories that had come down to them from their forefathers in the old times long ago; for there are no wolves existing now Daughter gangbang stories Ireland. A young farmer, named Connor, once missed two fine cows from his herd, and no tale or tidings could be heard of them anywhere.

Wolf Transformation Story

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While many people have heard of the stereotypical werewolf, not many people realize there are real werewolf transformation stories from history.

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Possible causes of werewolf transformation stories

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Possible causes of werewolf transformation stories

Into the Satyr-Verse Preview Version by gabrielmoon. Rated X. Published: Sep 17th, Tags: wolf 0 Cancun sex stories 0 knot 0 anal 0 satyr 0 canine 0 straight to gay 0 fox 0 spam 0. Two men out hiking accidently come across a portal to a world populated by canine-satyrs that were once human like them.

There, they are given a choice; die, or the canine Girlfriend threesome stories in the most sexy way possible… This is a preview version. My Demon Puppies by horsewriter.


Published: Aug 15th, Tags: dog 0 Paraplegic fiction stories 0 mtf 0 man to female dog 0 wolf 0 birth 0 puppies 0 demon 0 heat 0. A man who Real incest stories reddit transformed into a valuable female talking dog and had been bred to the Wolf transformation story familiar of a wizard goes through pregnancy, birth, and nursing.

Beauty and the Beast by tfstv. Rated R. Published: Jul 23rd, Tags: female 0 beast 0 mating 0 wolf 0 fanfiction 0. A Beauty and the Beast version with a role reversal. Isabelle is a duchess during the French Revolution, on the verge of losing everything when she encounters a beast in her forest. Full Moon Exhibitionists by gabrielmoon. Published: Jul 22nd, Tags: canine 0 mating 0 female and male 0 willing 0 exhibitionism Punishment headshave stories wolf 0 romance 0.

An amorous couple stage a bet that slowly forces their wolfish changes, regardless of where they find themselves. To Be King Preview Version by gabrielmoon.

Published: May 25th, Tags: feral 0 unwilling 0 snake 0 Real gay erotic stories 0 experiment 0 horse 0 lion 0 shark 0 wolf 0. Trapped as part of a zoo experiment, a pair of men must adapt to the reality that they are slowly turning into lions for the rest of their days, and their increasing sexual attraction to each other This is a preview version of a paid patreon story.

The Critic by manwithaplan.

Rated PG. Published: Feb 18th, Tags: anthro wolf 0 furry 0 wolf 0 unaware 0 anthro 0. Have you ever seen one of Stories about being naked edgy furry avatars on YouTube and thought, Why?

Well, this isn't the answer, but I hope you enjoy this one.

Reclamation Part 1 by tocixcog. Published: Feb 7th, Last Updated: Feb 11th, Tags: magical 0 anthro 0 willing change 0 tentacles 0 woman to wolf 0 wolf 0 multiple breasts Hairless pussy story magic 0.

Werewolf transformations in history and literature

A nature spirit helps a lost rouge get a new life in the forest. A New Werewolf in Philly by gabrielmoon. Published: Jan 4th, Tags: instinct 0 blood 0 unwilling 0 bite 0 straight to gay 0 anal sex 0 painful 0 knot 0 man to werewolf 0 forced 0 infection 0 full moon 0 male character 0 wolf 0 mental 0. A man, visiting his friend in Philadelphia, is distracted by images from a dream that started a month ago, Forced male orgasm stories an insatiable hunger that comes while staring at the full moon Published: Nov 24th, Tags: animal transformation 0 tftg 0 male to female 0 mating 0 female on female 0 wolf 0 willing change 0 second person 0 canine 0.

Patreon Commission! While out hiking, you stumble upon a strange staff and the torn remnants of clothes that al your eventual fate Published: Oct 28th, Last Updated: Dec 13th, Tags: wolf 0 mental changes 0 nudity 0 long 0 female 0 slow change 0 werewolf 0.

Werewolf transformations in history and literature

A young woman becomes a Werewolf and eventually must choose between remaining in the world she Gay incest storys or becoming a wolf. Part 1 of? New Zoo- Pack Formation by wallace Published: Sep 26th, Last Updated: Oct 7th, Tags: wolves 0 zoo 0 part of series 0 man to wolf 0 mating 0 wolf 0 female and male 0 woman into wolf 0 animal transformation 0.

A couple from Diana's past enter the New Zoo, worried for their future. To their surprise, the Zoo has a rather 'unorthodox' way of remedying their problem.

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New Zoo-Wolves by wallace Published: Sep 26th, Mousepad foot stories Updated: Oct 10th, Tags: wolves 0 zoo 0 female and male 0 Girl spanked story 0 animal transformation 0 wolf 0 part of series 0. A couple who share a house decide to go visit the New Zoo Gay porn stories tumblr some free passes they have been sent.

Little do they know, their visit will become far more permanent than they had anticipated. Meanwhile, the Zoo is now becoming suspicious as one lone journalist begins an investigation into the people who have disappeared. Wolf Anatomy Patreon Preview by gabrielmoon. Published: Aug 12th, Last Updated: Dec 11th, Tags: tails 0 cum 0 paws 0 tail 0 animal transformation 0 wolf 0 anatomy study 0 second person 0 canine 0.

A preview of a new patreon only series that focuses on second-person TF in expanded physical detail! Good Moon Rising by oneandonlytinkercat.

Published: Jul 20th, Tags: long 0 woman to wolf 0 wolf 0 sfw 0 werewolf 0 love 0. A man moves into a new town, but a strange incident on the way le to some dramatic events Spanking my husband stories he's settled in.

Published: Jun 22nd, Tags: cerberus 0 canine 0 animal transformation 0 merging 0 masturbation 0 male on male 0 straight to gay 0 anal sex 0 wolf 0 unwilling to willing 0.

Published: Jun 22nd, Last Updated: Dec 17th, Tags: merging 1 masturbation 0 animal transformation 0 straight to gay 0 male on male 0 Asstr wife stories 0 anal sex 0 feral 0 cereberus 0. A video game brings two men closer in more ways than one! Published: Jun 14th, Last Updated: Jul 7th, Tags: jackal 0 wish 0 foot worship 0 foot fetish 0 willing 0 male on male 0 anal sex 0 wolf 0 anthro transformation 0 oral sex 0.