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Wonder Woman was flying her invisible jet as fast as she could towards Frankfurt, Germany. She had just learned, through her alter alias of Diana Prince, that her School masturbation story Steve Trevor had been captured.

Wonder Woman Captured Stories

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Marston believed women were mentally stronger than men and would come to rule the United States—albeit on a lengthy timeline. And in 1, years, women definitely will rule this country.

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The characters in this story belongs to Dc Comics and I am in no ways is making any money off of them. Wonder Alien breeding stories slowly made her way through the dense South American jungle her blue eyes scanning the area cautiously.

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She quickly checked the map she made and then checked her gear making sure her normal superherione costume was covered up by a green camouflaged cloak. She slowly Mixed sexfight story down waiting for the arrival of the informant thinking to herself looking around thinking to herself.

It would have been a safer to meet in the office but since this might mean the end of a hostile threat to world peace.

Suddenly she heard a twig snapped and Femdom trample stories up looking up as several rope lassoes suddenly fell down around her before she had a chance to run away. Wonder Woman gasped struggling feeling her arms pinned to her side and her legs bound as she falls to the ground trying to break the ropes. She looks up as group of soldiers walks out their uniforms marking them as civilian militia or something similar one of them smirked walking forward grabbing her by the hair and jerking her head up to Boy turned into girl magic story at her in the eyes.

He spoke loudly to his men as he held her head up. Now what do you say we find out what charms she has under all the hype the press makes out about her.

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The men laugh as the leader quickly turns her over as Diana speaks angrily struggling as they hogtie her. She looked up angrily her blue eyes fiery. The leader laugh ripping her cloak off Pregnet sex stories her costume as he smirked slowly pulling off her belt and then smirking seeing the costume as he reaches at his waist and pulls out a knife. He speaks softly looking at her.

Diana gasped her breasts heaving as they are revealed two soft well-rounded mounds sitting on her chest with erect pink nipples. The man smiled reaching down cupping one of Morning wood stories and kneading it not missing the sudden gasp from Diana as his fingers massage the breast.

He spoke softly looking at the breasts. Diana spoke angrily feeling the hand leave her breast as the man grip her panties as she looked down at him. The man laughed quickly cutting the sides of the panties before whipping them Grandpa grandson sex stories showing her black hair covered loins and well rounded buttocks.

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The men laughed for a moment Sleeping blowjob story at her naked body anxiously as Hastings stood sheathing his knife as he looked at some of them and spoke to them in Russian. They quickly begin to pound four stakes into the ground almost in an x shape. When they were done he nodded as they quickly untied Hucow training stories hands and then retied each hand to a stake and then did the same thing to her feet after removing her feet.

Diana struggled knowing how she True diaper stories look now spread eagle on the floor her blue eyes looking up as the men sneered down at her. Hastings slowly leaned Gravity falls porn stories running his hands over her ribcage and rubbing them up and down it as he spoke. Because if it was the of men lined up would be over a hundred.

He laughed walking and sitting down as his second in command took his place between her legs as someone quickly gagged her. Diana looked up as the Tumblr rape stories in command reached up cupping her breasts before unzipping his pants and thrusting into her. He begins to thrust in with a force using her breasts as handholds.

Diana moans looking up trying to ignore his hands on her body as the hands kne her breasts like dough his fingers tweaking her hard nipples as she moans softly against the gag. She soon entered into Wonder woman captured stories subconscious state as the gauntlet of rape begins the line begins to count down as the second in command quickly finishes cumming on her stomach and the third person takes his place.

Captain Hastings smirked picking up a radio and calling into base his eyes watching the woman get what she deserves as he speaks into the radio.

I believe it would work on our naked guest. Diana moans moving her hips against the fifth person now her body taking over enjoying the repeated rapes as she gasps weakly her breasts heaving.

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She moans softly her stomach covered with cum as he reaches up kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples as he thrusts harder in her. Hastings smiled Interactive spanking story the rest of the events as it ends two hours later as he walks over Diana barely conscious as he slowly leans down touching her cunt with his finger.

He smirked rubbing some of the cum and juices leaking out of it. He laughed for a moment standing before unzipping himself as he ordered her flipped upside down. He quickly spread her buttocks looking at the small star of an anus as he rubbed the hole with the juices. He then leaned down rubbing her shoulders as he whispers in her ear.

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Hastings quickly pushed in his member in her butt as Diana gasped in pain against the gag he smiled slowly reached under her and cupping her breasts kneading them as Slave hypnosis stories begins to thrust in her.

He soon picks up speed smacking against her body as he massages her breasts with a passion one hand coming up and spanking her buttocks as his men cheer Mfm wife stories. He soon cum inside of her butt with a groan and then stands zipping up his pants. Diana moans lying on her stomach as Hastings smirk untying her ropes and taking the lasso he quickly looped it around her neck speaking softly.

You will also forget my name and the name of my men. Diana moans falling asleep as Hastings nods removing the lasso as two men bends down picking up and dragging her off. Hastings quickly took lead and led the group back to the camp. The group soon Men in pantyhose stories the camp as the men cheered seeing the sleeping Princess as they stepped closer to examine her.

Wonder woman captured by the nazis

Hastings walked over to the pit to examine it as he nodded at it he smiled for a moment looking down at it seeing that it is filled up enough for her and will probably be up to her neck by the time she wakes up. He speaks to the men holding her as two others pulled a wrench other to the planks Sesshomaru lemon stories they dragged the naked princess over as they quickly remove her jewelry, tiara, and bracelets.

The slime welcoming the warm body with a slurping sound as Diana is slowly lowered up to the bottom half of her breasts as she moans softly her head resting on her chest as the wrench stops. Hastings smiled looking at their naked captive knowing that the pit will be filled seeing the pigs already eating their supper and will probably be using the bathroom before the night is over.

He turned and looked at the men Belly growth stories the Stories of casual encounters. We can do that tomorrow after interrogation. Hastings Reddit sext stories headed to his cabin chuckling to himself thinking of the fun he is going to have tomorrow.

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