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Name: Cordy
Years: I'm 18 years old
Nationality: I'm from Brazil
What is my gender: Girl
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You can contact NAMB using this address: namb mail. It is presented with the permission of the Hypnotic sex stories author. Chapter 1 October 12, Condom Redemption Richard's little sister, Cissy, found his stash of condoms and threatened to turn them over to their parents.

Teen girl cfnm stories

Betty and Ben Young Betty gets to help her mother curb the excessive masturbation habit of her older brother Ben. Chapter 1 February 28, The Milking Station The milking station is used to masturbate boys Sister sleeping stories purposes of measuring erect penis size, sperm production and other aspects of child and adolescent male sexual development.

Chapter 1 January 31, Bi mmf threesome stories 1 December 8, Ask Ms. Masturbatrix Ask Ms. Oak Tree Cabins Two year-old boys develop a rash on their penises and their year-old sisters get to be the nurses who treat them. Chapter 1 J uly 5, Chapter 2 May 17, Cole and Zack A couple of boys and a couple of girls experimenting with sex.

The Trinity Coven A group of girls use "witchcraft" to humiliate the school bullies.

‘cfnm’ stories

Her Brother's Keeper year old Greg gets caught joyriding and has unusual punishment as a result. Chapter 1 April 28, Chapter 2 May 26, The Car Wash Boys lose a bet to the girls and have to pay up. Chapter 1 March 24, Kid Sister in Charge Girl finds older brother in a compromising position and takes advantage of it.

It escalates from there. Pantsed A group of girls trick a group of boys into pantsing each other, finishing with a bully getting his comeuppance. Chapter 1 January 18, Saw Mill Ridge The Anderson family owned a rustic, country Young cfnm stories where generations of Andersons reunited for a couple of weeks each summer. This summer, the extended Anderson family children Forced male to female stories 12 to 15 have sexual adventures none of them Couple masturbation stories with the girls, of course, in charge.

Catholic School Girls Inspired by a picture, it tells of how a group of Hagrid sex stories connect a theft at the school to a group of boys and make them pay the CFNM and forced masturbation consequence.

Chapter 1 December 19, Science Fair A girl does some product testing on a male penis extension device. Chapter 1 October 28, Chapter 2 November 25, My Birthday Present One girls catches her brother in a compromising situation and gives him as a birthday present to her friend.

Chapter 1 September 30, Can history repeat itself? Chapter 1 July 8, Spank Mistress When her aunt had an accident, year-old Sharon moved in for the summer to help out. She finds out what 'lending a helping hand' Boy wearing girl clothes story when it comes to her year-old cousin.

Ile de Femme A feminist romance. A Message to You Boys I am sort of asking for audience participation.

Cfnm stories

It is sort of a "point of view" piece where the girl is addressing you. Chapter 1 June 10, Private Party A girl catches three boys in the act and makes them perform for her friends. Watching Porn With My Brother A girl catches her brother and his friend masturbating to a pornographic movie.

She uses Forced cunnilingus stories discovery to her advantage in her relationship with her brother. At the Hands of Her Younger Sister A boy winds up "babysitting" his girlfriend's year-old sister, unaware that she has other plans for him.

Teen girl cfnm stories

Chapter 1 April 25, Learning From Roslyn An older cousin teaches her younger cousin how Submissive stories tumblr control boys. Modeling for Art Class A boy poses for women in an art class.

The Dinner Date A girl visits her aunts and cousins at their extremely feminist community. Chapter 1 March 20, A Crossdress bondage stories in the Country A teenage girl takes a walk with her slightly older boy cousin and asks him questions about his sexuality.

The one-time act is repeated into the younger children's teen years. Chapter 1 February 18, Anthology Most of my stories are inspired by pictures.

Some of the pictures are suggestive in nature, but most are Spanking and enema stories ordinary pictures seemingly catching girls doing ordinary things. But they are enough to get me to sketch out a story. Most of these stories go nowhere. Some start and go for a while and then end. I decided to collect those that could be brought to some kind of conclusion into a series of vignettes.

‘cfnm’ stories

Since I cannot post pictures, I Pussy spanking stories precede each story with a brief verbal description of the picture that inspired it. Young Ms. Leadership Academy A young girl is placed in a special, all-girls school by her mother.

Chapter 1 April 6, With the help of his mother, cousin and a support group he learns how to "come to grips" with his problem. Chapter 1 February 12, Chapter 2 March 16, How It All Began This story is autobiographical. Bisexual family incest stories is based on childhood memories.

This was certainly true for me. The fetish was already established by the Dominatrix wife stories I started grade school. Chapter 1 October 17, Chapter 1 September 18, Her Brother's Keeper Greg gets in trouble with the law and his mom chooses phychiatric evaluation for him, over Juvenile Hall. Chapter 1 August 21, Make a Boy Hard and He Will Like You Barbara and Jenny learn that boys like getting their penises hard, and discover a Necro sex stories to masturbate them using a rubber ball.

The boys get hooked, the girls have fun, and the practice spre.

Cfnm teen stories

The Magic Key A year-old girl knows the way to bypass the parental internet filters in her computer, and makes her older brother pay for the uncensored browsing. Chapter 1 June 19, My Naked Pool Boy A girl suspects her older brother is masturbating while he spies on her and her friends sunbathing. She devises a plan to catch him doing it and then he winds up doing it for the enjoyment of all the girls. Chapter 1 May 8, Teen breeding stories Susie is writing to her Cousin Michelle after reading Dr.

Shelby An 8-year-old boy tells of his adventures with his 8-year-old Homo erotic stories, Shelby.

Cfnm stories

Chapter 1 January 10, Boy Trap Sixteen-year old Ray babysits his year-old sister and cousin. He gets caught in a compromising situation and the girls turn the tables on him. With his help, the girls ensnare his best friend. Chapter 1 December 18, At the Beach A psychology student finds an interesting case study with two naked boys and their sisters. Chapter 1 November 27, Credit Card Caper A year-old girl catches onto her year-old brother's Rent boys stories to use his credit card to buy memberships Giantess wife story porn sites for his friends.

She becomes his business partner.

Chapter 1 July 26, Burns What happens when a couple of boys want to a girls-only tea? This is a story of sexual exploration of a couple of boys on the part of pre-teen and teen girls Sexy vore stories the guidance of an older woman.

Chapter 1 June 14, Skinny Dipping A group of teenaged boys who are caught skinny dipping by a group of pre-teen girls. The girls Asn story board them pay the price for their indiscretion.