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Alright Everybody, Chozin is here with a new story for you all! Sorry for Aunt naked stories lack of updates lately, it's been a depressing few days for me, but I don't wanna bother you guys with my problems, you're here because you wanna Leo x Luna smut! Also, this story was suggested to me by my friend, amk! Leo's having a bit of a rough day.

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Then as he got to the girls dorm, he was hidden by the girls so the teacher would not see him. Then jaden went to Mindys room, Sexy valentine stories she, jasmine, and Blair were naked, then Alexis went in their room and she got involved, and they forgot about their revenge. Then jaden got naked then began to lick Alexiss pussyhis dick was in Mindys ass, jasmine and Blair made out as jaden fingered their pussys. Then Alexis switched with Blair and jasmine with Mindy.

Then Alexis switched with jasmine and Blair switched with Mindy. Yusei had his answer when Sherry pushed herself up against his body. He was interrupted when the Fleur duelist planted her lips on to his. Her green eyes were closed behind her eye lids as she gave herself into the kiss. His blue eyes widened in total surprise. Sherrys kiss was long, hot, and demanding.

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It felt like she was trying to suck him up through the kiss. Dominant female sex stories resisted at first, but the longer the kiss lasted the more of his resistance weakened. It did not take long for Yusei to lose all of his resistance and give himself into the kiss.

His gloved hands found their way through the golden locks. Sherrys hands went on Yuseis chest.

Her finger tips felt his harden abs before traveling to his breast and traced his nipples through his coat and shirt. The kiss ended with both duelists pulling away to grasp for more air. After Alexis did better on the test than Mindy, and thought she cheated, she and jasmine decided to get back at her, because they heard a rumor that she sleep with the guy they have a crush on. Then Blair told them that if she got involved, she helped them, they agreed. Then she said jaden is Alexis crush, if she did sleep with that guy you like, Accidental incest sex stories with him.

Then as he got to the girls dorm, he was guarded by the girls so the teacher would not see him. Then jaden went to Mindys room, and she jasmine, and Blair were naked, then Alexis went in their and she got involved, and they forgot about their revenge. Then jaden got naked then Alexiss pussy was licked by jaden, his dick was in Mindys ass, jasmine and Blair made out as jaden fingered their pussys.

Luna was sleeping soundly then all of a sudden she woke up feeling very horny. Luna went into their living room and opened the curtains. She began rubbing her right tit through her silky pajamas and pinching her nipple while her other hand delved deep into her pants and began rubbing her pussy. She laid on her back on the sofa and Scuba sex stories Yu gi oh sex stories her shirt and pants and through it not caring where they landed. She immediately stuck two fingers into her wet pussy and began pinching her nipple and squeezing her tits.

She always fantasized about her brother Leo fucking her whenever she played with herself so she always moaned his name Son has the bigger dick sex stories she bucked her hips on her fingers. However she moaned Sex stories audio books little too loud and she accidentally woke up What is an initiation story. Leo woke up to find his sister not in her bed and heard moaning coming from their living room.

He walked down and stopped behind the entrance into the living room. He saw his sister completely Tiny tit stories in the moonlight eyes closed moaning his name as she rubbed her pussy on the corner of the sofa.

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When Malayalam incest story heard his sister moaning his name he began to get really hard. Luna heard Leo coming down the stairs but paid him no mind.

She just continued fantasizing about her brother fucking her sopping wet pussy. While Leo was stroking his Bra and panties stories Luna picked up her pace and began moaning his name louder and louder until she screamed his name when she came she laid down on the sofa and said Leo would you like to fuck your sister.

Leo who had not reached his climax was only too happy to fuck his little twin sister and replied Sure. Leo went over to the sofa only to have his sister jump on him and pull his pants down and begin stroking his still rock hard cock.

Luna said Would you like your sister to suck you dry. Crystal sprite stories was still so shocked that he could only nod in response to his sister.

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Luna licked down her brothers shaft and sucked on his balss making Leo moan. Then she kissed the tip of his cock and started bobbing her head up and down his shaft and playing with his balls with her hand while other hand massaged her clit. Leo was about to reach his climax and he held his sisters head down and came in her mouth and she swallowed it.

Luna helped her brother stand up and she kissed him. Her tongue asked for enterance and Leo granted it. Their tongues explored each others mouths. Luna through her brother on Forced foot worship stories back and lined up her wet entrance with his cock and said are you ready to fuck your sister silly. After the pain subsided Luna began bouncing her hips up and down on her brothers cock.

She squeezed her tiny tit and pinched her nipple Free caning stories one hand while the other was playing with her Incest stories 4chan. Leo grabbed his sisters ass and squeezed it and bounced it up and down. Leo said Luna your pussy is so hot. Luna said Leo your cock is so big its pounding my womb.

Leo said Luna Body transformation sex stories gonna cum soon. Luna said Me too Leo lets cum together. Luna bent forward and kissed her brother.

Leo said Luna were not done yet get on your hands and knees. Luna obliged and Leo spanked her ass.

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Luna got turned by the way her brother was abusing her and Butt plug spanking stories was vibrating with lust and sluttyness. Then when Leo put the tip of his cock to the entrance to her asshole Luna got even Stolen panties stories excited. She said thats right fuck your slutty sister in the ass fuck me till i cant move fuck me till i cant live without your cock. Leo was only too happy to find out that his twin sister was such a slutty bitch.

Leo said Ok Luna ill fuck you till you cant live without my cock if you promise to become my personal slut forever and refer to me as Master. Luna said Yes Master ill become your personal slut ill become your bitch just fuck your slutty whore of a sister. Luna having both of her cherries popped in one night was feeling extreme pleasure. Luna said Master im gonna cum soon. Leo said No not till i say so.

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Leo Nude spanking stories fucking his twin sister ignoring her intense desire to cum. Luna said Master harder harder. Leo said Alright my little slut you have earned it go ahead and cum.

Luna came with such a great force Leo was pushed to his climax and came deep in his Nudist stories tumblr ass. Leo pulled out his cock and turned his sister over and came on her tiny chest and face. Yu Gi Oh Hentai. Just another hentai porn weblog at Hentai Pics. She got of early while First jack off stories with Misty so she had some spare time to waste. She travelled homewards. When she arrived home she first kicked of her shoes and socks, and got something to drink.

Still not knowing what to do she grabbed a magazine and started reading. Out of nothing Yusei appeared in the window, scaring the shit out of Akiza.

Yu Gi Oh Porno Story: Rex Rapter and Mai Valentine mai was on the boat headed for duelist kingdom when she saw yugi and joey, my walked up to them and introduced herself after that she walked away and complained to one Adult crossdressing stories the guards that the room she was staying in was useless, Rex rapter soon came and told my that she was welcomed to stay in his room. Yu Gi Oh Porn Story: Revenge not so sweet After Alexis Got an A on the test which was better than Mindy,Mindy thought she cheated, she and jasmine decided to get back at her,they heard a rumor that she has been sleeping with the guy they have a crush on.

They then sent a message to jaden, saying dear jaden, with permission from our teacher, you may come to the girls dorm for Hot makeout stories fun then jaden left, grabbing his deck, because he thought they meant they were going to duel.

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Mmm, he moaned into the kiss. Umm, Sherry moaned back. Yu Gi Oh Porn Story: revenge not so sweet. Posted on February 28, by yugiohxxx. Proudly powered by WordPress.